The indictment and arrest of former President Donald J. Trump is a sad commentary for the country. Not because he was a former President, but because a former President would commit such heinous acts.

It’s also unfortunate that we have so many people, here and elsewhere, who are willing to turn their heads to such wrongdoing. If former President had been a poor man in rural Alabama, the critics of the prosecution would have remained silent.

Even before reading the indictment, they are condemning the process in advance. This is very tragic. None of the critics of the Prosecutor have denied his guilt.

The judicial system, with all of its maladies, must be praised and commended for upholding our principle that no one is above the law.

For those who embrace the conspiracy theories and all Trump’s wrong doings, they should hang their hands in shame and apologize to oncoming generations. You can’t in one breath say you love America and in the next condone what the ex-president did. Let the rule of law work its course.