On August 13, 2022 at the SDEC Organizational Meeting in Birmingham, the SDEC will fill a vacancy for the Democratic Party nominee for the office of Circuit Judge of Montgomery County (Place 3.) This vacancy exists because the candidate who won the most votes in the primary election, Sebrina Martin, was disqualified and her nomination withdrawn based on a unanimous order from a subcommittee of SDEC members. 


The person who is selected by the SDEC at the organizational meeting will be the Democratic nominee for this office and run in the 2022 general election. If elected, this person will serve a six-year term. 


If you are interested in being nominated for this family court judge position, your nomination must be made in person by an SDEC member at the Organizational Meeting. If you wish to offer a resume and letter of interest to be presented to voting members of the SDEC ahead of the Organizational Meeting, you may fill out the form linked below. The submitted materials will be presented to members of the SDEC before the meeting. 


To have materials presented to the SDEC, the candidate must possess the qualifications fixed by law for this office and certify they are not under disbarment or suspension. The constitutional and statutory qualifications for nomination to the office of circuit judge are contained, among other places, in Alabama Constitution sections 146 and 155, and Alabama Code sections 12-11-1(b), 12-17-21, and 12-17-22.


After being selected by the SDEC, the nominee must complete a full qualifying form, pay the qualifying fee, and timely complete campaign filings with the Alabama Ethics Commission and the Alabama Supreme Court to ensure compliance with state law. 


Resumes and letters of interest will be accepted by the Alabama Democratic Party until 5pm on August 10, 2022. 

Form Link: https://forms.gle/pup3t5cKZvsRgRgK6