161 Votes.  


That's the margin that separated Democrat votes from Republican votes in District 2 on Super Tuesday.  57,129 Democrats to 56,968 Republicans.


The district is now considered less of a "likely Democrat" victory to "a toss up."


Democrats may lose this seat especially mandated by the Supreme Court to enforce the provisions of the Voting Rights Act.  


Republicans are already crowing about the potential GOP victory.


"It is certainly winnable!  Many factors will play a role, not in the least of which is turnout," said State Sen. Greg Albritton.


"With Republicans excited and energized about returning Donald Trump to the White House and even the most hardcore Democrat ambivalent at best about Sleepy Joe's campaign, voter enthusiasm is clearly on the side of the GOP nominee in the second congressional district," said Lt. Gov. Will Ainsworth.


Ainsworth added, "A well-funded, well-organized Republican has a better than even chance of winning the CD2 race, especially with the Democrat congressional candidates espousing liberal extremist beliefs that are far outside those held by the vast majority of Alabamians."


Clearly from the results of last Thursday's State of the Union Address, Republicans are underestimating President Biden as they have constantly over the past 4 years.  


But unless we can register and motivate thousands of Democrat Alabamians to the polls, District 2 may fall to GOP hands. 


If we're going to win this new congressional district, we need your help.


A memo from the Southern Poverty Law Center last month expressed concerns that a Democrat winning the new district is not a foregone conclusion.


Alabama Political Reporter: "The issues highlighted include low voter registration particularly among young Black and other people of color and how engaged voters are to turnout for the elections." 


"There are over half a million voting age citizens in the district with 450,000 individuals designated as active registered voters. However, according to estimates by BlueLabs, there are approximately 155,924 that are unregistered or need to re-register to be able to vote. As previously stated most of the unregistered voters are younger people of color."


Wealthy ALGOP Republicans such as former state senator Dick Brewbaker will pull out all the stops to win this new congressional seat.


We are not powerless.  By winning District 2, we will have two Democratic Congresspersons who will secure millions in funding to transform our state, and help President Biden complete his historic agenda by changing the balance of Congress in Democrats' favor.  


But we have to turn out and engage Alabama Democrats, particularly younger voters of color, to increase our chances to win.