It’s time to free Alabamians unfairly ensnared in our justice system. It’s time to free Alabama’s budget from being used to incarcerate people. It’s time we were all free to light up at the end of a long day. It’s time to Free Weed in Alabama.

  • Legalize cannabis for recreational use. 
  • Immediate expungement of all non-violent drug offenders, arrested for possession of/use of cannabis. 
  • Earmark state revenue generated through cannabis sales to better fund K-12 public schools and Pre-K, and our state’s "Rainy Day" fund.   
  • Create a growing supply-chain and retailing licensing system prioritizing individuals and communities most impacted by cannabis criminalization.
  • Retract the schedule 1 status of cannabis to make studying its long and short-term effects more reliable. 
  • Replace statutory references to "marijuana" and "marihuana" with cannabis.
  • Require the Alabama Bureau of Labor to publish demographic data on cannabis business owners and employees regularly.
  • Prohibits the denial of state public benefits to a person based on certain cannabis-related conduct or convictions.
  • Creates an 5% excise on cannabis products and requires revenues to be deposited into the trust fund.
  • Create a licensing system that prioritizes providing the communities who have been disproportionately criminalized by failed cannabis to have the first opportunities to secure cannabis-related licenses. 

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