Candidates must meet the Minimum Qualifications for Public Office.

Candidates for state office (not federal or delegate) must submit the following to qualify:

  1. Declaration of Candidacy - qualifying form; filed either on paper OR online (see below)
  2. Appointment of Principal Campaign Committee - original filed electronically with Secretary of State; proof of filing required
  3. Statement of Economic Interests - original filed with Alabama Ethics Commission; proof of filing required
  4. Qualifying Fee

NOTE: Judicial candidates must also submit a Disclosure Statement of Financial Interests with the Clerk of the Alabama Supreme Court. See links section below for details. 


Qualifying Fees

Qualifying fees are based on 2% of the base salary for each office, with a few exceptions. The following calculations are subject to change if found to be incorrect.


State Board of Education (Seats 1, 3, 5, and 7): $360.00

Chief Justice of the Supreme Court: $3,520.00

Associate Justice of the Supreme Court (Places 1, 2, 3 and 4): $3,500.00

Court of Civil Appeals (Places 1, 2 and 3): $3,480.00

Court of Criminal Appeals (Places 1, 2 and 3): $3,480.00

Circuit Court Judge: $2,800.00

District Court Judge: $2,780.00

Circuit Clerk: $1825.39

Public Service Commission President: $1,989.77


Qualifying Online

Click the appropriate link below and fill out the linked request form. You will receive a Declaration of Candidacy and fee payment invoice via email after the request form information is received and processed/validated. Online qualifiers are not required to submit a Declaration of Candidacy on paper.

NOTE: If applicable complete your Appointment of Principal Campaign Committee and Statement of Economic Interests before filling out the form. If applicable and we cannot verify that you filed them, then we will notify you via email and require you to do so to proceed with qualifying.

Candidates for State Office (other than judicial office)

Candidates for Judicial Office (judges only)


Qualifying with Paper Forms

WARNING: Paper qualifying forms and associated fees must be received in our office prior to the 5:00 p.m. qualifying deadline regardless of postmark.

If fee payment is returned for insufficient funds, closure of account, etc. your qualification for office will be null and void unless payment is remedied before the close of the qualifying period.

Be sure to send any mailings via CERTIFIED MAIL. 

Alabama Democratic Party Headquarters address:
501 Adams Avenue
Montgomery, AL 36104

Alabama Democratic Party mailing address:
PO Box 950
Montgomery, AL 36101


Important Links & Resources for State Candidates

Declaration of Candidacy [PDF Document]