Wednesday, October 3rd, 2012

Tonight’s Debate

There’s been a lot of hype running up to tonight’s big Presidential debate.  For the first time, an estimated 60 million or more Americans will tune in and watch President Obama and Mitt Romney share the same stage.  It should be interesting.

At tonight’s debate, the President will keep sharing his specific vision for moving America forward while Mitt Romney appears poised to continue hiding any specifics from voters.  As he did in Charlotte, the President will continue his conversation with the American people about his concrete plans to restore middle-class security, create jobs, and build an economy that works for all of us.  From what we’ve heard from the Romney camp, Mittens plans to keep hiding any specific details behind distortions and a lot of “zingers” he’s been practicing for weeks.  Just this morning one of Romney’s top advisors said that it’s hard to get into specifics at a debate.  I thought that was what debates were all about.  Talk about lowering expectations.

Mitt Romney is relying on lies, distortion, and zingers because he knows what voters do—the Romney/Ryan plan is bad for the middle class.

Romney keeps trying to peddle a five-point plan that the middle class isn’t buying.  Whether he’s talking about energy, small businesses, education, trade, the deficit, jobs, taxes, or healthcare, Mitt’s math just doesn’t add up.  I sat in Charlotte last month and watched President Clinton sum up the shortcomings of the Romney/Ryan plan with one word…arithmetic.  The middle class is tired of waiting for specifics from Mittens, so tonight he will lie about the President’s record, distort his own, and continue trying to peddle a sham.

Tonight, President Obama will discuss his specific, concrete plans to move us forward—like creating a million new manufacturing jobs, doubling our exports, cutting our oil imports in half, and reducing the deficit in a balanced way that protects the middle class.

I hope you’ll join me tonight and support our President.

There are also scores of good Democrats on the November 6th ballot.  Bob Vance and Lucy Baxley are both tied or leading in the polls.  Please help us get out the vote by making a contribution today.