Monday, September 17th, 2012

Test the Vote

We heard a lot of anecdotal evidence during the March primaries of poll workers in various counties demanding a photo ID to vote.  As you know, the only way Republicans are going to be able to win the Presidential election is to steal it by suppressing the votes that make up President Obama’s coalition.

Never afraid to shy away from craven political hackery, the Alabama Republican Supermajority in the Legislature passed a photo ID bill for Alabama similar to the ones you are seeing challenged in states like Pennsylvania.

One important thing to note:  the photo ID requirement does not go into effect in Alabama until the June 2014 Primary Election.

We need you to test the vote during tomorrow’s referendum on Amendment One.

When you go to the polls, you can use the following to identify yourself and cast your ballot:

One of the following:

Note:  These items can be the original document (license, card, etc.) or a photocopy of the document.

If a poll worker challenges you for providing one of these forms of ID to vote, please give us a call immediately at:


We will gladly have a conversation with your Probate Judge and will be documenting efforts at voter suppression throughout the day.