Monday, October 10th, 2016

Statement on Donald Trump and the Second Debate

Last night, Donald Trump confirmed that he dodged taxes, belittled sexual assault as “locker room” talk, demonstrated no grasp of foreign policy issues, filled the debate stage with hateful remarks, and threatened to jail his political opponent. At this point it should be abundantly clear that Donald Trump, with his unstable temperament, is historically unfit to be president.

Some Alabama Republicans are now trying to distance themselves from Trump’s reprehensible behavior.

“Alabama Republicans supported Donald Trump’s bigoted and dangerous campaign while he made racist and sexist statements, mocked people with disabilities, promoted bullying, invited cyber attacks, and praised Vladimir Putin.” said Alabama Democratic Party Chair Nancy Worley. “They made their choice, and there is no turning back now.

At the second debate, Trump admitted that he dodged taxes, refused to apologize for sexist comments, and demonstrated no grasp of foreign policy issues.

While Hillary Clinton has the knowledge, strength, and detailed plans to build a strong economy where everyone can get ahead, Donald Trump peddles hate speech, disgusting sexual comments and conspiracy theories. The choice is clear.”