Friday, February 9th, 2018

List of Qualified Candidates for 2018

Last updated 11:59 pm 2/9/2018.

Sue Bell Cobb - Governor
Christopher A. Countryman - Governor
James Fields - Governor
Walt Maddox - Governor
Doug "New Blue" Smith - Governor
Anthony White - Governor
Will Boyd - Lt. Governor
Chris Christie - Attorney General
Joseph Siegelman - Attorney General
Lula Albert - Secretary of State
Heather Milam - Secretary of State
Miranda Joseph - State Auditor
Bob Vance, Jr. - Alabama Supreme Court, Chief Justice
Donna Wesson Smalley - Alabama Supreme Court, Associate Justice Place 4
Cara Y. McClure - Public Service Commission Place 1
Kari Powell - Public Service Commission Place 2
Robert Kennedy, Jr. - US House District 1
Lizzetta Hill McConnell - US House District 1
Tabitha Isner - US House District 2
Audri Scott Williams - US House District 2
Mallory Hagan - US House District 3
Adia McClellan Winfrey - US House 3
Lee Auman - US House District 4
Rick Neighbors - US House District 4
Peter Joffrion - US House District 5
Danner Kline - US House District 6
Terri Sewell - US House District 7
Adam Jortner - State  Board of Education, District 2
Yvette M. Richardson - State Board of Education, District 4
Jessica Fortune Barker - State Board of Education, District 8
Caroline Self - State Senate District 1
Michael L. Smith - State Senate District 2
Amy Wasyluka - State Senate District 2
Johnny Mack Morrow - State Senate District 6
Deborah Barros - State Senate District 7
Johnathan Hard - State Senate District 7
Deidra Willis - State Senate District 7
Carl Carter - State Senate District 11
Jim Williams - State Senate District 12
Darrell Turner - State Senate District 13
Jerry McDonald - State Senate 14
Laura Casey - State Senate 15
Lindsey Deckard - State Senate District 16
Rodger M. Smitherman - State Senate District 18
Priscilla Dunn - State Senate District 19
Linda Coleman-Madison - State Senate District 20
Rick Burnham - State Senate 21
Malika Sanders-Fortier - State Senate District 23
Bobby Singleton - State Senate District 24
David A. Sadler - State Senate District 25
Frank Snowden - State Senate District 25
Fred Bell - State Senate District 26
John Knight - State Senate District 26
"Coach" David Burkette - State Senate District 26
Nancy Carlton Bendinger - State Senate District 27
Billy Beasley - State Senate District 28
Jason Fisher - State Senate District 32
Michael R. Cooley - State Senate District 33
Victor Tshombe Crawford - State Senate 33
Vivian Figures - State Senate District 33
Tom Holmes - State Senate District 35
Brandon Willcutt - State House District 1
Lora Kay Morrow - State House District 2
Chad Young - State House District 3
Juanita Allen Healy - State House District 4
Brian D. Williams - State House District 5
Kenneth A. Brackins - State House District 7
Rebecca Browne - State House District 8
Billy Jackson - State House District 8
Clay New - State House District 8
Terrie Jones Savage - State House District 9
J.B. King - State House District 10
Clifton Miller - State House District 10
Suzanna Coleman - State House District 15
Eddie Britton - State House District 18
Samuel T. Greene - State House District 19
Laura Hall - State House District 19
Linda Meigs - State House District 20
Terry Jones - State House District 21
Bill Jones - State House District 27
Ralph Burke - State House District 28
Kyle Pierce - State House District 28
Jared Millican - State House District 29
Jared Vaughn - State House District 30
Barbara Boyd - State House District 32
Angela L. Fears - State House District 32
Seyram Selase - State House 32
Scott Brewer - State House District 33
Nicki Arnold-Swindle - State House District 36
Charlotte A. Clark-Frieson - State House District 37
Brian McGee - State House District 38
Pamela Jean Howard - State House District 40
Emily Anne Marcum - State House 41
Carin Mayo - State House District 43
Jenn Gray - State House District 45
Felicia Stewart - State House District 46
Mary Lynn Bates - State House District 47
Jim Toomey - State House District 47
Alli Summerford - State House District 48
Veronica R. Johnson - State House District 51
John W. Rogers Jr. - State House District 52
Anthony Daniels - State House District 53
Jerome Dees - State House District 54
Jacqueline Gray Miller - State House District 54
Neil Rafferty - State House District 54
Quang Do - State House District 55
Roderick "Rod" Hampton Scott - State House District 55
Antwon Bernard Womack - State House District 55
Louise Alexander - State House District 56
Chester W. Porter - State House District 56
Merika Coleman - State House District 57
Rolanda Hollis - State House District 58
Rodney Huntley - State House District 58
Chris Davis - State House District 59
Mary Moore - State House District 59
Juandalynn Givan - State House District 60
Le'Darius Hilliard - State House District 60
Tommy Hyche - State House District 61
Will Benton - State House District 62
Amber Selman-Lynn - State House District 64
Elaine Beech - State House District 65
Marcus Caster - State House District 65
Ozelle L. Hubert - State House District 65
Susan Smith - State House District 66
Prince Chestnut - State House District  67
Jelani "Shaun" Coleman - State House 67
Thomas Jackson - State House District 68
Kelvin Lawrence - State House District 69
Kelvin Williams - State House District 69
Chris England - State House District 70
A.J. McCampbell - State House District 71
Ralph A. Howard - State House District 72
Jack Jacobs - State House District 73
Rayford Mack - State House District 74
Thad McClammy - State House District 76
Malcolm Calhoun - State House District 77
Dan Harris - State House District 77
D'Linell Finley - State House District 77
TaShina Morris - State House District 77
Christopher Turner - State House District 77
Terance "Watchdog" Dawson - State House District 78
Kirk Hatcher - State House District 78
Alvin Holmes - State House District 78
Mary Wynne Kling - State House District 79
Jeremy "J.J." Jeffcoat - State House District 81
Judy L. LaRue - State House District 80
Johnny Ford - State House District 82
Terrence K. Johnson - State House 82
Pebblin Warren - State House District 82
Jeremy Gray - State House District 83
John Andrew Harris - State House District 83
Pat "Patsy" Jones - State House District 83
Ronnie Reed - State House District 83
Berry Forte - State House District 84
Earl C. Jones - State House District 85
Dexter Grimsley - State House District 85
Kristy M. Kirkland - State House District 86
Cory Creel - State House District 88
Joel Lee Williams - State House District 89
Joanne Whetstone - State House District 90
Danielle Mashburn-Myrick - State House District 94
Maurice Horsey - State House District 96
Web Whiting - State House District 96
Adline Clarke - State House District 97
Levi Wright, Jr. - State House District 97
Napoleon Bracy, Jr. - State House District 98
Gregory Harris - State House District 99
Henry Haseeb - State House District 99
Sam Jones - State House District 99
Burton R. LeFlore - State House District 99
Franklin McMillion - State House District 99
Gregory Parker - State House District 99
Herman Thomas - State House District 99
Rico Washington - State House District 99
Barbara Drummond - State House District 103
Arlene Cunningham Easley - State House District 104
Terri B. Lovell - Circuit Judge, 2nd Circuit
Collins Pettaway, Jr. - Circuit Judge, 4th Circuit Place 1
Mike Segrest - Circuit Judge, 5th Circuit Place 2
Steve Perryman - Circuit Judge, 5th Circuit Place 3
Joseph Boohaker - Circuit Judge, 10th Circuit Place 1
David Carpenter - Circuit Judge, 10th Circuit Place 5
Donald Blankenship - Circuit Judge, 10th Circuit Place 6
Tracie A. Todd - Circuit Judge, 10th Circuit Place 7
Marshell Jackson Hatcher - Circuit Judge, 10th Circuit Place 8
Brian Plant - Circuit Judge, 10th Circuit Place 8
Jim Hughey III - Circuit Judge, 10th Circuit Place 9
Carole C. Smitherman - Circuit Judge, 10th Circuit Place 13
Patricia Stephens - Circuit Judge, 10th Circuit Place 15
Damon T. Watson - Circuit Judge, 10th Circuit Place 15
"Pete" Johnson Davis - Circuit Judge, 10th Circuit Place 16
Linda Hall - Circuit Judge, 10th Circuit Place 16
Russ Parker - Circuit Judge, 10th Circuit Place 16
Raymond P. Chambliss - Circuit Judge, 10th Circuit Place18
Janine Hunt-Hilliard - Circuit Judge, 10th Circuit Place 18
Amber Ladner - Circuit Judge, 10th Circuit Place 27
Alaric May - Circuit Judge, 10th Circuit Place 27
John R. Lockett - Circuit Judge, 13th Circuit Place 3
Karlos Finley - Circuit Judge, 13th Circuit Place 6
Roman Shaul - Circuit Judge, 15th Circuit Place 6
David Kimberley - Circuit Judge, 16th Circuit Place 3
Morgan Cunningham - Circuit Judge, 16th Circuit Place 4
Eddie Hardaway, Jr. - Circuit Judge, 17th Circuit Place 1
Jaqueline M. Hatcher - Circuit Judge, 31st Circuit Place 1
Jeff Austin - Circuit Judge, 31st Circuit Place 2
Terry Dempsey - Circuit Judge, 34th Circuit Place 1
Jack Weaver - Circuit Judge, 35th Circuit Place 1
John Graham - Circuit Judge, 38th Circuit Place 1
James H. Morgan, Jr. - District Judge, Clarke County
Jeff Brock - District Judge, Conecuh County
Paula McDowell - District Judge, Franklin County
Patrick S. Arrington - District Judge, Hale County
Timothy Evans - District Judge, Hale County
Lashunta "Shun" White-Boler - District Judge, Jefferson County Place 3
Frederic Bolling - District Judge, Jefferson County Place 3
Clotele H. Brantley - District Judge, Jefferson County Place 3
Pamela Wilson Cousins - District Judge, Jefferson County Place 3
Stephanie A. Hunter - District Judge Jefferson County Place 3
Lashunta "Shun" White-Boler - District Judge, Jefferson County Place 3
Katrina Ross - District Judge, Jefferson County Place 6
Alan Summers - District Judge, Jefferson County Place 8
Kechia Davis - District Judge, Jefferson County Place 9
Glenda Freeman - District Judge, Jefferson County Place 9
Debra Weston-Pickens - District Judge, Jefferson County Place 9
Sheila Weil - District Judge, Jefferson County Place 9
Lou Willie - District Judge, Jefferson County Place 9
Chuantae Brown - District Judge, Jefferson County Place 11
Horace Kynard - District Judge, Jefferson County Place 11
Thomas Thrash - District Judge, Jefferson County Place 11
Amyrtle M. Allen - District Judge, Jefferson County Place 12
Lorraine Pringle - District Judge, Jefferson County Place 12
Adrian Johnson - District Judge, Lowndes County
Ashley Smith - District Judge, Lowndes County
Vince Deas - District Judge, Marengo County
Laura R. Grantham - District Judge, Monroe County
Donna Silcox - District Judge, Monroe County
Philip Sanchez - District Judge, Monroe County
Pamela Robinson Higgins - District Judge, Montgomery County Place 2
Laura Clemons - District Judge, Montgomery County Place 3
Tiffany McCord - District Judge, Montgomery County Place 3
Robert Bryant - District Judge, Perry County
Danny Carr - District Attorney, 10th Circuit
Raymond L. Johnson, Jr. - District Attorney, 10th Circuit
Paige Smith - Circuit Clerk, Barbour County
Rashawn Harris - Circuit Clerk, Bullock County
Mattie Gomillion - Circuit Clerk, Butler County
Stephanie Cave - Circuit Clerk, Choctaw County
Candace Jenkins - Circuit Clerk, Choctaw County
Berneta Stallworth - Circuit Clerk, Clarke County
Deanna Douthit Thomas - Circuit Clerk, Colbert County
David Jackson - Circuit Clerk, Conecuh County
Jeannie Gibson - Circuit Clerk, Crenshaw County
Christmas Green-Williams - Circuit Clerk, Dallas County
Lynnethia Robinson - Circuit Clerk, Dallas County
Pam Simpson - Circuit Clerk, DeKalb County
John Robert Fountain - Circuit Clerk, Escambia County
Samantha Howard - Circuit Clerk, Fayette County
Anita Morgan Scott - Circuit Clerk, Franklin County
Debra D. Blackmon - Circuit Clerk, Greene County
Veronica Morton-Jones - Circuit Clerk, Greene County
Catrinna Long Perry - Circuit Clerk, Hale County
Karen Dunn Burks - Deputy Circuit Clerk Bessemer Division, Jefferson County
Lakita Hall-Wright - Deputy Clerk Bessemer Division, Jefferson County
Jackie Anderson-Smith - Circuit Clerk, Jefferson County
Sarah E. "Sarah Beth" Conkle - Circuit Clerk, Jefferson County
Cheri Adams Gardner - Circuit Clerk, Jefferson County
Venetta Lee - Circuit Clerk, Jefferson County
Stephanie J. Muhammad - Circuit Clerk, Jefferson County
Thomas W. Parchman, III - Circuit Clerk, Jefferson County
Eyrika L. Parker - Circuit Clerk, Jefferson County
Elizabeth McGowen Watkins - Circuit Clerk, Jefferson County
Ralph Young - Circuit Clerk, Jefferson County
Ruby A. Jones-Thomas - Circuit Clerk, Lowndes County
David R. Love Jr. - Circuit Clerk, Macon County
Kenny Freeman - Circuit Clerk, Marengo County
Wesley Hines - Circuit Clerk, Monroe County
Bob McMillan - Circuit Clerk, Monroe County
Gina Ishman - Circuit Clerk, Montgomery County
Quavelyn Pryor Coleman - Circuit Clerk, Perry County
Mia Jacobs-Turner - Circuit Clerk, Perry County
Jamaal O. Hunter - Circuit Clerk, Perry County
Chadrick Moore - Circuit Clerk, Perry County
Marcia Cade- Circuit Clerk, Russell County
Jody Sellers - Circuit Clerk, Russell County
DeVon James - Circuit Clerk, Sumter County
Angie Achterhof - Circuit Clerk, Tuscaloosa County
Valerie Knapp - Circuit Clerk, Washington County
Tera A. Whigham - Circuit Clerk, Washington
Carolyn D. Posey - Circuit Clerk, Wilcox County

Kayla Sloan - SDEC 1
Will Boyd - SDEC 1
Caroline Self - SDEC 2
Lloyd W. Love, Jr. - SDEC 2
Tori Bailey - SDEC 3
Julie Fisher Dean - SDEC 3
Carrie A. Mitchell - SDEC 3
Willadene Nash - SDEC 3
Willie Hovater - SDEC 3
Charles E. Satchel - SDEC 3
Jo Ann Cummings - SDEC 4
Hanu Karlapalem - SDEC 4
Lois L. Scott - SDEC 5
Adam Keller - SDEC 5
James Lucas - SDEC 5
Amy Shadoin - SDEC 6
Michael Smith - SDEC 6
Pearl Green - SDEC 7
Kenneth A. Brackins - SDEC 7
Ernestine Elliott - SDEC 8
Rex Cheatham - SDEC 8
Susan Waugh - SDEC 9
George Hearring - SDEC 9
Lisa Handback - SDEC 10
Wade Lipscomb - SDEC 10
David James Mackey - SDEC 10
Jake Morrison - SDEC 10
Debra K Nelson - SDEC 11
Rhonda White Jett - SDEC 11
Edwin Carter - SDEC 11
Jimmy L. Kilgore - SDEC 11
Tabatha D. House - SDEC 12
Nicholas J. Shabel - SDEC 12
Tina Bowen - SDEC 13
Tim Bowen - SDEC 13
Opal Elaine Russell - SDEC 14
Roxanne Turner - SDEC 14
Terry Russell - SDEC 14
Christopher Lee Turner - SDEC 14
Karen Dunn Burks - SDEC 15
Janet Kennedy - SDEC 15
Sherrina V. Rice - SDEC 15
William "Bill" Blackman, Jr. - SDEC 15
Eric S. Burks - SDEC 15
Ken King - SDEC 15
Judith C. Taylor - SDEC 16
Jim Spearman - SDEC 16
Susan E. Cobb - SDEC 17
Carter Berry - SDEC 17
Yvonne Foster - SDEC 18
Eddie Britton - SDEC 18
Kelsey R. Greene - SDEC 19
Laura Hall - SDEC 19
Dana Minor - SDEC 19
Corrie Wikoff - SDEC 19
Samuel T. Greene - SDEC 19
William C. Thomas - SDEC 19
Susan C. Brown - SDEC 20
Cindi Cassis Branham - SDEC 20
David Meigs - SDEC 20
Tom Ryan - SDEC 20
Eddie Sherrod - SDEC 20
Barbara Bryant Cady - SDEC 21
Sandra L. Rhodes - SDEC 21
Matthew Brown - SDEC 21
R.J. Rhodes - SDEC 21
Nancy Worley - SDEC 22
William L. Krause - SDEC 22
Toni McGriff - SDEC 23
Mary Garner Robinson - SDEC 23
David McGriff - SDEC 23
John Lawson Robinson, Jr. - SDEC 23
Kathy Lauderdale - SDEC 24
James May - SDEC 24
Ulysses Grant Williams Jr. - SDEC 24
Kimberly Caudle Lewis - SDEC 25
Mike Cavnar - SDEC 25
Benard Simelton - SDEC 25
Dana J. Davis - SDEC 26
Ben Alford - SDEC 26
Gayla Wynn - SDEC 27
Sanchez Watkins - SDEC 27
Danny Lamunyon - SDEC 27
Kirkland Back - SDEC 28
Ralph Burke - SDEC 28
James Parker, Jr. - SDEC 28
Edwin L. Rudd - SDEC 28
Sheila Gilbert - SDEC 29
Clifford A. (Cliff) Andrews - SDEC 29
Mary Carstarphen Kelley - SDEC30
Charlene McCoy - SDEC 30
Jared B. Arnold - SDEC 30
S. Kathleen Kirkpatrick - SDEC 31
Rodney Lee Lindsay - SDEC 31
Alberta Cooley McCrory - SDEC 32
David E. Reddick - SDEC 32
Beverly Brittain Ellis - SDEC 34
Teresa Smiley - SDEC 34
Jimmy Chavez - SDEC 34
Oscar Morales - SDEC 34
Dolores Crumly - SDEC 35
Tina Dark - SDEC 35
Bobby Loius Dark - SDEC 35
Terry Heflin - SDEC 35
Nicki Arnold-Swindle - SDEC 36
Sherry Kuntz - SDEC 36
Jesse J. Frazier - SDEC 36
Herbert Kuntz - SDEC 36
Matthew Tyson - SDEC 36
Mellie Parrish - SDEC 37
George H. Fannings - SDEC 37
Tom Garland - SDEC 37
Katie Walton - SDEC 38
Betty Barnes - SDEC 39
Darrell Turner - SDEC 39
Judy West Bell - SDEC 40
Dalton Cutter Goode - SDEC 40
Toni Kornegray Vaughn - SDEC 41
Alan Swindall - SDEC 41
Ralph Hendrix - SDEC 42
Jarralynne Agee - SDEC 43
Miranda Joseph - SDEC 43
Rafael Brathwaite - SDEC 43
Doug Hoffman - SDEC 43
Brandy Duncan - SDEC 44
Dawn DuPree Kelley - SDEC 45
Carole Marks - SDEC 45
Lyle Aarhus - SDEC 45
Bill Murphy - SDEC 45
Julia Juarez - SDEC 46
Nancy Yarbrough - SDEC 46
Courtney French - SDEC 46
Bob Parker - SDEC 46
Robert Yarbrough - SDEC 46
Ralph Young - SDEC 46
Martha Dawson - SDEC 47
Bill Dawson - SDEC 47
Louise New Jones - SDEC 48
Jim Sturdivant - SDEC 48
Phyllis Parker - SDEC 49
Cheryl Patton - SDEC 49
Eugene Grimes, Jr - SDEC 49
James A. Kitchens - SDEC 49
Fred Lynch - SDEC 49
Bobby "CP" Pierson - SDEC 49
Carrie Goza - SDEC 50
Carl Carter - SDEC 50
Jennifer L. Greer - SDEC 51
Robert N. Gandy - SDEC 51
Myisha Davis - SDEC 52
Charlotte Wilson - SDEC 52
John W. Rogers Jr. - SDEC 52
Rodger M. Smitherman - SDEC 52
Violet Edwards - SDEC 53
Anthony Daniels - SDEC 53
Troy L. Garner - SDEC 53
Christopher Lee - SDEC 53
Jimmie Payne - SDEC 53
Brit Blalock - SDEC 54
Patrica Todd - SDEC 54
Brian Cash - SDEC 54
Elias Hendricks, Jr. - SDEC 54
Alex Smith - SDEC 54
Jackie Anderson-Smith - SDEC 55
Bacarra Sanderson Mauldin - SDEC 55
Yvette M. Richardson - SDEC 55
Roderick "Rod" Hampton Scott - SDEC 55
Keith Williams - SDEC 55
Kimberly Alexander - SDEC 56
Louise Alexander - SDEC 56
Priscilla Dunn - SDEC 56
Andrew Bennett - SDEC 56
Grover Dunn - SDEC 56
Cleophus King - SDEC 56
Velma Johnson - SDEC 57
Ves Marable - SDEC 57
Fred Plump - SDEC 57
Charlene Cannon - SDEC 58
Tarji Ransaw - SDEC 58
Caleb J. Florence Sr. - SDEC 58
Brandon McCray - SDEC 58
Lou Willie - SDEC 58
Demetria Young Doughty - SDEC 59
Annie Parker - SDEC 59
Michael Miller - SDEC 59
Reuben Parker, Jr. - SDEC 59
Wanda Bryant - SDEC 60
Linda Coleman-Madison - SDEC 60
David Russell - SDEC 60
Everette W. Sperling - SDEC 60
Sue Thompson - SDEC 61
Herbert Lavender - SDEC 61
Jeff Thompson - SDEC 61
Kathryn Frances Drago - SDEC 62
Donna Foster - SDEC 62
Curtis L. Travis - SDEC 62
Helen Wilson Smith - SDEC 63
Stan Glascox - SDEC 63
Derek Pugh - SDEC 64
Rosie Howze - SDEC 65
Zachry W. Turner - SDEC 65
Regina J. Watson - SDEC 66
Jeffrey W. Blount - SDEC 66
Joseph N. Watson - SDEC 66
Nancy Gardner Sewell - SDEC 67
David Hodo - SDEC 67
Terrell Marshall - SDEC 67
Barbara Turner - SDEC 68
Richard Threatt - SDEC 68
Monica Arrington - SDEC 69
Allyson Holland - SDEC 69
JoCeleste Pettway - SDEC 69
William Pompey - SDEC 69
John White - SDEC 69
Beatrice Pearson - SDEC 70
Eva Lewis Prewitt - SDEC 70
Christopher John England - SDEC 70
Paul W. Sanders Sr. - SDEC 70
Bettye Maye - SDEC 71
Nick Underwood - SDEC 71
Carrie McFadden - SDEC 72
Jerildine Melton - SDEC 72
Johnnie Mae Scott - SDEC 72
Arthur Crawford, Sr. - SDEC 72
John Zippert - SDEC 72
Teresa Stafford - SDEC 73
Sheridan Black - SDEC 73
Jack Jacobs - SDEC 73
Tyna Davis - SDEC 74
Warren Davis - SDEC 74
Zack Buckner - SDEC 75
Tammy Knight Fleming - SDEC 75
Thomas G. Brown - SDEC 75
Courtnee' R. Bell - SDEC 76
Sarah Coleman-Green - SDEC 76
Kimberlin L. Love - SDEC 76
Fred F. Bell - SDEC 76
Wilson Blount - SDEC 76
Tony Q. Cobb, Jr. - SDEC 76
Murphy O. Green - SDEC 76
Greg Griffin, Jr. - SDEC 76
Phyllis Harvey-Hall - SDEC 77
Karen Jones - SDEC 77
LaShae D. King - SDEC 77
Adell Sankey - SDEC 77
Jimmy Jacobs - SDEC 77
Jeffrey Martin - SDEC 77
Julian McPhillips - SDEC 77
Miland F. Simpler, III - SDEC 77
Ella B. Bell - SDEC 78
Kenyatte' Hassell - SDEC 78
Alvin Holmes - SDEC 78
Laura Mirarchi - SDEC 79
Adam Jortner - SDEC 79
Jasponica Florence - SDEC 80
Judy L. LaRue - SDEC 80
J.W. Brannen - SDEC 80
Lloyd Marie Bryant - SDEC 81
Rebecca Marion - SDEC 81
Unzell Kelley - SDEC 81
Jacquelyn Carlisle - SDEC 82
Fred Gray, Jr. - SDEC 82
Patsy Boyd-Parker - SDEC 83
William Parker - SDEC 83
Rebecca Beasley - SDEC 84
Ralph McKinnon - SDEC 84
Linda Christmas Garrett - SDEC 85
"Pastor" Kenneth Glasgow - SDEC 85
Calvin Dock Wilborn - SDEC 85
Kristy M. Kirkland - SDEC 86
David A. Kirkland - SDEC 86
Vickie D. Moore - SDEC 87
Nikki Ready - SDEC 87
Larry J. Hillard - SDEC 87
Mary Adair - SDEC 88
Derrick Moncrief - SDEC 88
Joel Lee Williams - SDEC 89
Beulah Cook - SDEC 90
Valerie Richardson Stevens - SDEC 90
George Cook - SDEC 90
Chelsea Cooper - SDEC 91
Peter W. (Bob) Barber - SDEC 91
Jerrold Whitehurst - SDEC 91
Harriet Jay Hubbard - SDEC 92
Hazel Janette Lewis - SDEC 92
Catina Bass-Tyson - SDEC 93
Jennifer Marsden - SDEC 93
Arlissa E. Minniefield - SDEC 93
Juanita Wise - SDEC 93
Gerald Williams - SDEC 93
Marvin Wise - SDEC 93
Heather Brown - SDEC 94
Alec D. Barnett Jr - SDEC 94
Walter D. Brown, Jr. - SDEC 94
Amoreena Brewton - SDEC 95
Jason Fisher - SDEC 95
Eartha Robbins Martin - SDEC 96
Michael Perhaes - SDEC 96
Willie Williams - SDEC 96
Virginia Edington - SDEC 97
Mary Morris - SDEC 97
Kistra O. Scott - SDEC 97
Christian Smith - SDEC 97
Lindsay Guthrie Stidham - SDEC 97
Ben Harris - SDEC 97
Bobby Ray Jackson - SDEC 97
Willie A. James, III - SDEC 97
Jesse McDaniel - SDEC 97
Carletta Davis - SDEC 98
Napoleon Bracy, Jr. - SDEC 98
Lorenzo A. Martin Sr. - SDEC 98
Vivian Figures - SDEC 99
Verjilya Hughes - SDEC 99
Helen Wright - SDEC 99
Henry Brewster - SDEC 99
James E. Buskey - SDEC 99
Henry Hasseb - SDEC 99
Herman Thomas - SDEC 99
Lora E. McKee - SDEC100
Nicole Petite - SDEC 100
Charles W. Holloway - SDEC 100
Tom Holmes - SDEC 100
Russell E. McKee - SDEC 100
Pamela J. Laffitte - SDEC 101
Phillip Lambert - SDEC 101
Darby Luxenberg - SDEC 101
Lula Albert - SDEC 102
Mary H. Johnson - SDEC 102
Barbara Drummond - SDEC 103
Mary Catherine Gipson - SDEC 103
Kimberly Albins - SDEC 104
Deborah Easley - SDEC 104
Annie Gordon - SDEC 104
Patricia Lewis - SDEC 104
Darius V. Evans - SDEC 104
James O. Gordon - SDEC 104
Nancy McFarland McCall - SDEC 105


Monday, January 8th, 2018

2018 Candidate Qualifying is Open Until February 9

The Alabama Democratic Party opened candidate qualifying today for the June 5, 2018 Democratic Primary Election. A slate of impressive candidates from across the state have already been gearing up for a spirited primary season.  As expected, a steady stream of candidates running for re-election and as first-time candidates brought qualifying papers by the Alabama Democratic Party’s state headquarters at 501 Adams Ave., Montgomery, AL, today.  Qualifying will end on February 9, 2018, for all federal, state, and county offices, as well as the State Democratic Executive Committee. 

Nancy Worley, Chairwoman of the Democratic Party, said, “We are pleased to see so many strong candidates turn in their qualifying papers today; numerous others called to say they mailed their qualifying papers or plan to bring them to the office this week.”

Information on qualifying procedures and required forms can be found on the Alabama Democratic Party website at Individuals interested in running for office at the State and Federal level will qualify with the state party, while those planning to run for county office will qualify with their respective county Democratic Party Chairs.  Potential candidates can find a list of County Chairs, including their contact information, on the Party website here.  For additional information, call the Alabama Democratic Party Office at (334) 262-2221.

Tuesday, December 12th, 2017

Voter Hotline (800-682-2793) and Election Day Info

Questions/Concerns about Voting:  Call the Voter Hotline at (800) 682-2793

Need a Ride to the Polls:  Call (800) 484-0217

Confirm where you vote:

Valid Forms of Photo ID:  Valid ID at the Polls

More Election Day Information:  Election Day Info


Vote Doug Jones for Senate!

Saturday, December 9th, 2017

US Senate Special Election Information - Vote Dec. 12th!

Rides to the Polls:  Call (800) 484-0217

Questions/Concerns about Voting:  Call the Voter Hotline at (800) 682-2793

Confirm where you

Valid Forms of Photo IDValid ID at the Polls

More Election Day InformationElection Day FAQ

Democratic Candidate Doug

Sample Ballots2017 Special Election Sample Ballots


Vote Doug Jones for Senate!

Thursday, November 16th, 2017

Chair Worley on the GOP Tax Plan

House Republicans voted today to increase taxes on middle class families and provide massive giveaways to billionaires and wealthy corporations. While Senate Republicans debate their tax plan in committee, the latest edition calls for permanent tax breaks for the richest, paid for by cutting health care and other programs Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, and education that working Alabama families rely on every day.

Alabama taxpayers deserve a balanced tax reform plan that strengthens our workforce, and creates economic opportunities. But the Republican tax plan is a bad deal for millions of working families across the country who will be will be worse off under this bill than if Congress had done nothing. On top of permanently raising taxes on millions of Americans, the Republican tax bill will cost American jobs by incentivizing big corporations to move American jobs overseas and making it harder for small businesses on Main Street to compete. It’s long-past time for Republicans to get serious about actual tax reform and join Democrats in building an economy that works for everyone.

Here’s a look at the impact of the Republican tax plan in Alabama:

● The House Republican tax scam hurts teachers in Alabama, by repealing a tax credit for teachers who buy their own school supplies.

● College students in Alabama will also be hurt, because the House tax scam makes student loans more expensive. More than 127,000 graduates in Alabama take advantage of the student loan interest deduction House Republicans want to eliminate, saving $1,049 on average.

● Alabama’s seniors will find it harder to save for retirement or cover their medical bills. In fact, the House GOP tax scam would take away all Alabamians’ ability to deduct their medical expenses. Nearly 142,000 Alabama residents deducted their medical expenses in 2014, saving $8,732 on average.

● The House Republican tax bill could also force $25 billion in automatic cuts to Medicare next year. More than 968,000 Alabamians who rely on Medicare could be at risk.

● Workers in Alabama would be hurt by the corporate tax giveaway. The Republican tax plan incentivizes large companies to move jobs overseas by giving them a 0% rate on most foreign profits. While big corporations take advantage of this loophole, small businesses on Main Street will find it harder to compete.

● The GOP tax bill threatens to take the state and local tax deduction (SALT) away from tens of millions of households nationwide. The deduction ensures that Americans are not taxed twice on the same income. In Alabama, more than 400,000 residents would no longer be able to use the state and local deduction to save hard-earned money on their federal tax returns under the House tax bill.

● The House Republican tax bill is a giant giveaway to wealthy corporations and rich Alabamians, at the expense of everyone else:

● The Senate Republican tax bill also benefits the wealthiest Alabama taxpayers, while hurting middle-class families in our state:

● Distressed and rural communities could lose an important program that funds hundreds of hospitals, daycare facilities, alternative energy projects, and small businesses. The House GOP plan ends the New Market Tax Credits program, which has spurred over $550 million in community investments in Alabama and created over 3,000 full-time jobs since 2003.

● Clean and renewable energy businesses looking to invest and build in Alabama would be at a disadvantage under the House tax plan. The bill would phase out popular tax credits for wind and solar energy that renewable and natural energy industries in Alabama rely on, making it more difficult for Alabama businesses to qualify for the construction tax credits.

● Alabamians recovering from a natural disaster, such as a flood, hurricane, tornado, or fire would be more vulnerable, because the House Republican tax bill eliminates a critical infrastructure financing measure designed to help states rebuild after sudden events.

Tuesday, October 10th, 2017

Qualified Candidates for Special Elections in Senate District 26 and House District 4

Five Democratic candidates qualified to run in the December 12 Special Primary Election for Senate District 26, and one candidate qualified for House District 4.

"Alabama Democrats are enthusiastic about keeping this Senate seat, and picking up this House seat. Rank and file Democrats are excited about the prospect of electing legislators who will put people first, and not the special interests," said Chairwoman Nancy Worley. Qualified candidates:

Senate District 26

Deborah Anthony
Montgomery, AL

Fred F. Bell
Montgomery, AL

"Coach" David Burkette
Montgomery, AL

Tony Q. Cobb, Jr.
Montgomery, AL

John Knight
Montgomery, AL


House District 4

Juanita Allen Healy
Decatur, AL

Wednesday, October 4th, 2017

Qualifying is open for Special Elections in HD4 and SD26 until October 10

The Alabama Democratic Party opened qualifying today, October 4, for two Special Primary Elections to fill the vacant House District 4 seat in Limestone and Morgan Counties and the vacant Senate District 26 seat in Montgomery County. The House District 4 vacancy was created when former Representative Micky Hammon was convicted of mail fraud, and the Senate District 26 vacancy was created by the resignation of Senator Quinton Ross to become President of Alabama State University.

Any registered voter who is interested in running in either district may call the Party office at (334) 262-2221 to get qualifying forms. An interested person may also print a qualifying form, located on the Democratic Party's website, The qualifying fee is $558.26, half the usual Legislative qualifying fee, because the eventual winners will serve half the term or less.

All qualifying papers, along with the fee, must be received in the State Party Office by Tuesday, October 10, 2017, at 5:00 PM. A candidate may hand deliver qualifying forms to the Alabama Democratic Party Office, 501 Adams Ave, Montgomery, AL 36104, or he/she may mail the form to the Alabama Democratic Party, P.O. Box 950, Montgomery, AL 36101.

According to Chair Nancy Worley, "Democrats have an excellent opportunity to fill the vacant House seat in Limestone and Morgan Counties, and the Senate seat in Montgomery County. The Alabama Democratic Party wants to win these seats and elect legislators who will work hard and represent House District 4 and Senate District 26 with integrity and accountability."

Friday, September 22nd, 2017

Chair Nancy Worley on Donald Trump’s Visit to Campaign for Luther Strange

Donald Trump’s visit today to campaign for Senator Luther Strange will not distract Alabamians from the fact that Strange and his fellow Republican "fat cats" have been working secretly behind closed doors to take away health care coverage from 32 million Americans. Trump and Strange both support the Graham-Cassidy-Heller-Johnson health care repeal bill that would raise premiums up to 20 percent the first year, increase costs for up to 1.9 million Alabamians with pre-existing conditions, lead to an "Age Tax" with 60-year-old Alabamians paying as much as $18,865 more in 2020, and cause 480,000 Alabamians to lose coverage by 2027. Rather than supporting this harmful health care repeal bill that would cut funding in Alabama by $27 billion over the next two decades, including $2.15 billion in 2027 alone, Trump and Strange should work with Democrats in a bipartisan effort to expand health care coverage for all Americans.

Thursday, September 14th, 2017

Chair Nancy Worley on Impact of the Cassidy-Graham-Heller-Johnson Repeal Bill

Like each of their previous attempts, the Cassidy-Graham-Heller-Johnson bill would sabotage our health care system, gut Medicaid, increase costs, and strip health care away from millions of Americans. Once again, Republicans in Congress are ignoring the millions of Americans who pressured them into dropping their last health care repeal effort. While Republicans are pushing a bill to take health care away from working families, Democrats are working together to expand coverage for all Americans.

Democrats believe health care is a right, not a privilege. And as Republicans try to take health care away from working families, Alabamians will suffer under the Cassidy-Graham-Heller-Johnson bill. This harmful bill will end Medicaid as we know it, cancel tax credits that help families afford health insurance, and eliminate subsidies that reduce out-of-pocket costs for working families. Republicans need to listen to the Alabamians they represent and join Democrats in their efforts to improve our health care system.

Here is a look at a few of the ways Alabamians will suffer under the Cassidy-Graham-Heller bill:

Tuesday, September 5th, 2017

Chair Nancy Worley’s Response to Trump Administration Rescinding DACA

Today, the Trump administration turned its back on hard-working immigrant families and students. Donald Trump's actions today force thousands of immigrants back into the shadows, tears families and communities apart and is a devastating blow to the nearly 800,000 young immigrants who only know this country as their home. Trump and his Republicans are choosing to further divide our country, create fear in our communities and even hurt our economy.

Donald Trump's actions today are cruel and bends to the wishes of extremist Republicans in his own party. Democrats proudly stand by the 4,270 DACA beneficiaries in Alabama and believe that America's biggest strength is our diversity. We will continue to work to fix our broken immigration system and the most important step in doing that is supporting the DREAMers who are contributing to our economy and were brought to this country by no fault of their own. We urge Alabama Republicans to act and support legislation in Congress to protect our DREAMers and keep our communities safe.

Monday, September 4th, 2017

Labor Day Message from Chair Nancy Worley

Have a wonderful Labor Day! Today and everyday, we honor the hardworking men and women who have REALLY made our country great -- past, present and in the future. The Alabama Democratic Party salutes you and appreciates your joining together to improve quality, safety, benefits, salaries, etc. for thousands of Alabama's workers, their families, and the corporations or entities for which they work.

Wednesday, August 30th, 2017

Revival Summer Labor Day Weekend Events

Sign up for an event near you:

Revival Summer Canvassing in Montgomery
September 2, 2017
Sign Up Now

Doug Jones for Senate Jefferson County Organizing Meeting
September 2, 2017
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Doug Jones for Senate Shelby County Organizing Meeting
September 2, 2017
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Revival Summer Canvassing in Montgomery
September 3, 2017
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Shoals Area Labor Day Dinner
September 3, 2017
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Shoals Area Labor Day Parade & Festivities
September 4, 2017
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Revival Sunday - Office Hours for Activism Training in Daphne
September 3, 2017
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Revival Sunday - Office Hours for Activism Training in Mobile
September 3, 2017
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Mobile's 72nd Annual Labor Day Parade
September 4, 2017
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Thursday, August 17th, 2017

Revival Summer Weekend of Action Events - August 19-20


Sign up for an event near you:

Revival Summer Weekend of Action Canvassing in Montgomery
August 19, 2017
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Revival Summer Weekend of Action Phone Bank in Montgomery
August 19, 2017
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Revival Summer Weekend of Action Canvassing in Montgomery
August 20, 2017
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Revival Summer Weekend of Action Phone Bank in Montgomery
August 20, 2017
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Revival Summer Weekend of Action Phone Bank in Pell City
August 19, 2017
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Voter Engagement at Tuscaloosa River Market
August 19, 2017
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Revival Summer Canvassing in Baldwin County
August 19, 2017
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Revival Summer Activism Training in Daphne
August 20, 2017
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Revival Summer Activism Training in Mobile
August 20, 2017
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Revival Summer Weekend of Action Canvass in Florence/Muscle Shoals
August 19, 2017
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Revival Summer Weekend of Action Canvassing in Troy
August 19, 2017
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Revival Summer Weekend of Action Canvassing in Tuskegee
August 19, 2017
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Solidarity Gadsden Prayer Vigil
August 20, 2017
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Sunday, August 6th, 2017

Chair Nancy Worley’s Statement on August 6 Anniversary of Voting Rights Act Signing

Fifty-two years ago, on August 6, 1965, the Voting Rights Act, passed with bipartisan support, was signed into law by President Lyndon Johnson. The Voting Rights Act guaranteed all American citizens the right to register and vote without obstruction, yet the Republican President, as well as Republicans in Congress and GOP-led State Legislatures today, support obstacles to voter registration and voting.

The signing of the Voting Rights Act was the culmination of many battles by African-American, female, youth and other disenfranchised groups to ensure that every voice is heard on Election Day. Today, the fight to protect and advance voting rights continues. GOP-led states across the nation have recently passed restrictive voting laws. Over a half century after the Voting Rights Act was signed into law, we must recommit to fighting to ensure that every eligible citizen is able to register, that every registered voter is able to vote, and every vote is accurately counted.

Alabama, a state where the battle began to end racial discrimination at the ballot box, must continue its fight for voting rights and enact same-day voter registration, early voting, automatic voter registration upon graduation from high school and other progressive ideas.

Voting rights should not be a Democrat vs. Republican issue; voting rights should be a bipartisan commitment to fulfilling the promise of the Voting Rights Act from over fifty years ago that every voice be heard on Election Day.

Wednesday, July 26th, 2017

2017 U.S. Senate Candidates

WIll Boyd
PO Box 475
Florence, AL 35631-0475
Phone: (256) 856-0123

Vann Caldwell
PO Box 172
Talladega, AL 35161
Phone: (205) 886-4406

Jason E. Fisher
PO Box 3105
Mobile, AL 36652-3105
Phone: (251) 275-5529

Michael Hansen
2160 Highland Ave. S., Suite 144
Birmingham, AL 35205
Phone: (205) 607-0435

Doug Jones
PO Box 131025
Birmingham, AL 35213
Phone: (205) 703-4785

Robert Kennedy, Jr.
312-T Schillinger Rd. #16
Mobile, AL 36608
Phone: (251) 272-9461

Brian McGee
Withdrew from the race.

Charles Nana
5386 Cottage Lane
Hoover, AL 35266
Phone: (205) 960-8111

Thursday, June 8th, 2017

Statement on Testimony of Former FBI Director James Comey

"Former FBI Director James Comey confirmed that he had multiple conversations with President Trump regarding the Russia investigation, and that Trump may now be under investigation for obstruction of justice,” said Chair Nancy Worley.

"Mr. Comey said he believed Trump was 'looking to get something in exchange for granting my request to stay in the job.' Trump’s behavior is deeply disturbing, as is his apparent contempt for American democracy. The American people deserve to know what is really going on here, and to see justice served," added Worley.

Saturday, June 3rd, 2017

Summer of Revival Program

The Alabama Democratic Party announced a major statewide Summer of Revival program designed to bolster local party organizations in order to win down-ballot races. The Party will partner with county parties and external allies to invest in local organizing projects over the summer, which will increase the Party’s capacity to elect Democrats up-and-down the ballot in 2017, 2018, and beyond.

The mission of the Summer of Revival is to educate, organize, and mobilize grassroots energy from Democrats in all 67 counties to help build the Party’s base of political power and resist Donald Trump’s attacks on hardworking families.

The program is partly funded with a grant from the Democratic National Committee. “There has been an explosion of activism and energy after the election of Donald Trump, and we need to turn this moment into a movement.” said DNC Chair Tom Perez. “As the Democratic Party, it is our role to support this activism and energy, and convert it into electoral wins up-and-down the ballot by making sure state parties have the tools and resources they need to succeed.”

“The best way for Democrats to revive the Party and win at the ballot box is by doing one thing: organizing,” said Alabama Democratic Party Chair Nancy Worley. “The Summer of Revival is the starting point and will take our message of higher paying jobs, quality public education and affordable healthcare to activists on the front lines and to all Alabamians looking to get engaged. We have a chance to win up-and-down the ballot, but showing up is not enough. We have to organize, knock on doors, and motivate voters to the polls. Only then can we deliver what hardworking Alabama families need.”

Key Summer of Revival Dates:

· On Saturday, June 3, Party organizations and allied groups will hold events across the state to kick off the Summer of Revival.

· On Monday, September 4, Party organizations and allied groups will hold events across the state to conclude the Summer of Revival.

More information about the Summer of Revival program will be released at a later date.

Wednesday, May 17th, 2017

Qualified Candidates for U.S. Senate Special Election

Will Boyd
Lauderdale County

Vann Caldwell
Talladega County

Jason Fisher
Baldwin County

Michael Hansen
Jefferson County

Doug Jones
Jefferson County

Robert Kennedy, Jr.
Mobile County

Brian McGee
Lee County

Charles Nana
Jefferson County

Wednesday, May 3rd, 2017

Candidate Qualifying Information - 2017 US Senate Special Election

To qualify as a Democratic candidate in the U.S. Senate Special Primary Election, file the following with the Alabama Democratic Party at state headquarters, 501 Adams Avenue, Montgomery, AL 36104; or via certified mail to P.O. Box 950, Montgomery, AL 36101:

Qualification forms and fees must be received by 5PM on May 17, 2017.

Important - click on the following links for information regarding required financial disclosure and committee registration/reporting:

Federal Election Commission - required registration and disclosure reporting:

U.S. Senate Select Committee on Ethics - Financial Disclosure Reports:

U.S. Senate Special Election Dates:

Primary Election - August 15, 2017

Primary Runoff Election - September 26, 2017

General Election - December 12, 2017 

Wednesday, April 26th, 2017

Qualifying for U.S. Senate Special Election is Open Until May 17

Qualifying is open for the Special Primary Election to fill the U.S. Senate seat vacated by Attorney General Jeff Sessions.  Any interested registered Alabama voter may call the Party office at (334) 262-2221 to get qualifying forms. An interested person may also print a qualifying form, located here on the Democratic Party's website,  The qualifying fee is $3480.

All qualifying papers, along with the fee, must be received in the State Party Office by Wednesday, May 17, 2016, at 5:00 PM.  A candidate may hand deliver qualifying forms to the Alabama Democratic Party Office, 501 Adams Ave, Montgomery, AL 36104, or he/she may mail the form to the Alabama Democratic Party, P.O. Box 950, Montgomery, AL 36101.

According to Chairwoman Nancy Worley, "Democrats in Alabama have an excellent opportunity to fill this Republican-held seat," which was created by the resignation of former U.S. Senator Jeff Sessions.  “The Alabama Democratic Party is excited to win back this seat and elect someone who will represent Alabama's working families with integrity and accountability,” said Worley.

Monday, April 10th, 2017

Chair Worley’s Response to Gov. Bentley’s Resignation

"Three strikes and you're out" applies to baseball and to corrupt Republican politics in Alabama, with today's resignation of Gov. Robert Bentley.  The Republican heads of all three branches of our state government have either  been convicted, ousted, or resigned within a year.  First, Rep. Mike Hubbard, Legislative Branch leader and Speaker of the House was convicted on multiple counts and removed from office; next, the head of the Judicial Branch, Chief Justice Roy Moore, was removed from office a second time for failing to uphold the U.S. Constitution, and the third strike today saw the Governor, head of the Executive Branch, agree to a deal that forced him to resign and never hold office again.

"Republican corruption has spread like kudzu throughout our state," according to Nancy Worley, Chair of the Alabama Democratic Party.  "To get elected, Republicans told Alabamians they were the Party of integrity and family values, yet they govern by fattening their own pockets, having love affairs, and disrespecting the founding principles of our government."

Alabamians work hard every day just to make ends meet and give their children a better life, while their Republican leaders in all branches of government sit and "fiddle" (more than playing the fiddle in the latest escapade) while Rome (in this case, Alabama) is burning.

Thursday, April 6th, 2017

Response to Ethics Commission’s Findings on Gov. Bentley

The Alabama Ethics Commission's finding "probable cause" that Republican Governor Robert Bentley violated the Ethics Law and Campaign Finance Law fits the pattern of Republican corruption and abuses of power for which Alabama is becoming known. First, the Republican Speaker of the House was convicted in criminal court and removed from office. In addition, the Republican Chief Justice was removed from office a second time after an investigation showed he had ignored the Constitution of the United States, and now the Republican Governor, whose investigation continues beyond the Ethics Commission, faces the possibility of criminal sanction, impeachment, and removal from office. This is clearly not the standard of sound, ethical governance that the people of Alabama deserve.

"The pattern and practice of Republican corruption is spreading like kudzu in our state," said Nancy Worley, Chair of the Alabama Democratic Party. "Republicans love to campaign on empty promises of family values and integrity, yet the record shows that they have governed with dishonesty, deceit, and corruption. While the Republicans are busy fattening their pockets, playing politics, and carrying on real-life soap operas, the hard-working families across our state who play by the rules still struggle to make ends meet and to give their children the opportunities they deserve. The Republican time in office will be remembered in history as the days which 'drove old Dixie down'!"

Tuesday, April 4th, 2017

Chair Nancy Worley’s Statement on Equal Pay Day

Statement of Chair Nancy Worley on Equal Pay Day:

"Today, people across Alabama and our nation observe Equal Pay Day, the symbolic day when women’s earnings “catch up” to men’s earnings from the previous year. This means women on average have to work until April 4th just to take home what a man did in 2016.

Women in Alabama only make 76 percent of what white, non-Hispanic men make. That puts us at 39th in state equal pay rankings, and the gap is even wider for minority women. African-American women make just 57 cents for every dollar a man makes, and Hispanic women only make 47 cents.

Alabama Democrats believe that women’s economic prosperity is critical to our nation's economic strength, and that it is way past time to close the gender pay gap. I promise that Alabama Democrats will continue to fight to make equal pay a reality."

Friday, March 24th, 2017

Statement on Failure of the GOP Healthcare Plan

The failure of the Republican healthcare plan today was a great victory for 24 million Americans, including hundreds of thousands of Alabamians, who will still have health insurance coverage.

Tens of thousands of concerned citizens across Alabama and the nation made phone calls and signed petitions to oppose the GOP bill, and House Republicans and President Trump folded under the intense pressure. However, the fact remains that Republicans are still just as committed as ever to repealing the Affordable Care Act and taking health care away from tens of millions of Americans.

Democrats must remain vigilant and be prepared to defend hard-working Americans from the Republican onslaught against those who need health care services. Republicans are determined to deprive millions of children, seniors, and people with disabilities of health care in order to get over $200 billion in tax cuts for the super-rich.

Nancy Worley
Chair, Alabama Democratic Party

Tuesday, February 28th, 2017

Response to President Trump’s Address to Congress

Someone wrote the President a nicely-worded speech tonight; someone disciplined him to use the teleprompter and not get "off message," and someone added a few emotional touches, such as the tribute to Mrs. Owen, the recently-widowed SEAL wife. All PRETTY WORDS, but the President's actions have been, and will be the real test of his honesty, his concern for working people, and his love of America.

DONATE today to the Alabama Democratic Party, REGISTER a new voter every day, and TALK to men and women who have different opinions, diverse religious faiths, and opposing political views. Prepare today for 2018.

Read excerpts from Kentucky Governor Steve Beshear's Response to President Trump's "pretty words" below.  Gov. Beshear has a REAL record of accomplishments in Kentucky.  Join the Alabama Democratic Party's efforts to make Alabama as successful as Gov. Beshear's Kentucky, with a Democratic Governor and a Democratic House and Senate.

Nancy Worley, Chair
Alabama Democratic Party


Excerpts from former Kentucky Governor Steve Beshear’s Democratic Response to President Trump’s Address to a Joint Session of Congress (As Prepared for Delivery)

Mr. President, as a candidate, you promised to be a champion for people struggling to make ends meet … and I hope you live up to that promise.

But one of your first executive orders makes it harder for those families to afford a mortgage.

Then you started rolling back rules that provide oversight of the financial industry and safeguard us against another national economic meltdown.

And you picked a Cabinet of billionaires and Wall Street insiders who want to eviscerate the protections that most Americans count on and that help level the playing field.

That’s not being our champion.

That’s being Wall Street’s champion.


And even more troubling is that you and your Republican allies in Congress seem determined to rip affordable health insurance away from millions of Americans who most need it.


But so far, every Republican idea to “replace” the Affordable Care Act would reduce the number of Americans covered, despite promises to the contrary.

Mr. President, folks here in Kentucky expect you to keep your word. Because this isn’t a game – it’s life and death for people.

These ideas promise “access” to care but deny the importance of making care affordable and effective. They would charge families more for fewer benefits and put insurance companies back in control.

Behind these ideas is the belief that folks at the lower end of the economic ladder just don’t deserve health care – that it’s somehow their fault that their employer doesn’t offer insurance or that they can’t afford to buy expensive health plans.

But who are these 22 million Americans, including 500,000 people here in Kentucky, who now have health care that didn’t have it before?

They aren’t aliens from a distant planet.

They’re our friends and neighbors.

We sit in the bleachers with them on Friday night and pray in the pews with them on Sunday morning.

They’re farmers, restaurant workers, part-time teachers, nurses’ aides, construction workers and entrepreneurs working at high-tech start-ups.

And before the Affordable Care Act, they woke up every morning and went to work, praying they wouldn’t get sick; knowing they were just one bad diagnosis away from bankruptcy.


President Trump also needs to understand that people may disagree with him – but that doesn’t make them his enemies.

When the president attacks the loyalty and credibility of our intelligence agencies, the court system, the military, the free press and individual Americans – simply because he doesn’t like what they say – he is eroding our democracy.

And that’s reckless.


Kentucky made real progress while I was governor because we were motivated by one thing: Helping families.

Democrats are trying to bring that same focus back to Washington.

Americans are a diverse people. We may disagree on some things … but we’ve always come together when we remember that we are one nation, under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.

Thank you.

Wednesday, February 8th, 2017

Congratulations to New House Minority Leadership - Rep. Anthony Daniel and Rep. Elaine Beech

Alabama Democrats Congratulate House Minority Leader Rep. Anthony Daniels and House Democratic Caucus Chair Rep. Elaine Beech

The Alabama Democratic Party congratulates Rep. Anthony Daniels, the new House Minority Leader, and Rep. Elaine Beech, the new House Democratic Caucus Chairwoman.  "These two outstanding Democrats will lead the state forward and will work with their colleagues to make sure the voices of all Alabama citizens are heard," said Nancy Worley, Chair of the Alabama Democratic Party.  "Rep. Daniels and Rep. Beech, along with other Democrats in the House and Senate, will focus on the Democratic values of higher paying jobs, quality public schools, and affordable health care, as they guide the 2017 Democratic Legislative Program in the Alabama Legislature," said Worley.

Monday, January 16th, 2017

Save the Affordable Care Act

Someone in your family probably gained health coverage through the Affordable Care Act. Almost 215,000 Alabamians were the recipients of this coverage. Do the Republicans really want to harm, sicken or kill 215,000 Alabamians?

Most Americans who have received care through the ACA live in districts represented by Republicans, meaning that Republicans are stabbing their own voters in the back with a cowardly middle-of-the night repeal vote.

The uninsured rate in our country is the lowest it has ever been, seniors are paying less, young adults can stay on their parents’ insurance longer, and Americans can no longer be denied coverage because of pre-existing conditions. The Affordable Care Act is literally the difference between living and dying for millions of Americans.

Please click the following link to help stop the repeal of the ACA:  call your U.S. Senators and Congressman today.

Nancy Worley
Chair, Alabama Democratic Party

Monday, January 2nd, 2017

Alabama Democrats Mourn Death of former Governor Albert Brewer

The Alabama Democratic Party mourns the loss of Governor Albert Brewer, who served our state with honor, dignity, and intelligence for many years.  His legacy of progressive leadership in the Alabama Legislature and as Governor set a high standard which others have attempted, but failed to reach.

"As Democratic Party Chair, I considered Governor Brewer to be a personal friend and mentor through the years.  I shall miss his quiet counsel, his wisdom, and his vision for our state," said Nancy Worley.

The Alabama Democratic Party expresses its condolences to Governor Brewer's family and many friends.

Tuesday, December 13th, 2016

Qualifying for House District 58 Special Election is Open Until December 27

Qualifying is open for the Special Primary Election to fill the vacant House District 58 seat in Jefferson County, created by the resignation of Rep. Oliver Robinson.  Any interested registered voter in HD58 may call the Party office at (334) 262-2221 to get qualifying forms. An interested person may also print a qualifying form, located on the Democratic Party's website,  The qualifying fee is $558.26, half the usual Legislative qualifying fee because the eventual winner will serve half the term or less.

All qualifying papers, along with the fee, must be received in the State Party Office by Tuesday, December 27, 2016, at 5:00 PM.  A candidate may hand deliver qualifying forms to the Alabama Democratic Party Office, 501 Adams Ave, Montgomery, AL 36104, or he/she may mail the form to the Alabama Democratic Party, P.O. Box 950, Montgomery, AL 36101.

According to Chair Nancy Worley, "Democrats in Jefferson County have an excellent opportunity to fill this vacant seat," which was created when former Representative Oliver Robinson resigned.  “The Alabama Democratic Party is excited to hold onto this seat and elect someone who will work hard and represent House District 58 with integrity and accountability,” said Worley.

Friday, November 18th, 2016

Alabama Democratic Party Statement on Jeff Sessions as Attorney General

Donald Trump’s choice of Jefferson Beauregard Sessions, III for U.S. Attorney General is deeply disturbing. Our nation does not need an Attorney General with a history of hostility toward civil rights law, as well as disdain for voting rights activists overseeing civil rights and voting rights enforcement.

Sessions was considered too racist to be a federal judge in the 1980’s. At that time, he was the second nominee in fifty years to be rejected by a U.S. Senate committee. At a critical time in our history when voting rights are in jeopardy and voter suppression has become a principal electoral tool of a major political party, Jeff Sessions is the opposite of what we need to lead the Justice Department.

The United States Senate should reject the nomination of Jeff Sessions for Attorney General and prevent him from attempting to drag our great nation backwards to the 1860’s.

Nancy Worley
Chair, Alabama Democratic Party

Saturday, November 12th, 2016

Qualifying for House District 67 Special Election is Open Until November 29

Qualifying is open for the Special Primary Election to fill the vacant House District 67 seat in Dallas and Perry Counties.  Any interested registered voter in HD67 may call the Party office at (334) 262-2221 to get qualifying forms. An interested person may also print a qualifying form, located on the Democratic Party's website,  The qualifying fee is $558.26, half the usual Legislative qualifying fee because the eventual winner will serve half the term.

All qualifying papers, along with the fee, must be received in the State Party Office, by Tuesday, November 29, 2016, at 5:00 PM.  A candidate may hand deliver qualifying forms to the Alabama Democratic Party Office, 501 Adams Ave, Montgomery, AL 36104, or he/she may mail the form to the Alabama Democratic Party, P.O. Box 950, Montgomery, AL 36101.

According to Chair Nancy Worley, "Democrats in Dallas and Perry Counties have an excellent opportunity to fill this vacant seat," which was created when former Representative Darrio Melton was elected Mayor of Selma.  Chairwoman Worley emphasized the importance of any candidate's willingness to work hard and represent House District 67 with integrity and accountability.

Friday, November 11th, 2016

Chair Nancy Worley Salutes Our Veterans

The Alabama Democratic Party salutes all veterans, past and present, for your valor, patriotism, and work on Veterans Day and every day of the year.  You protect us from harm, you fortify our democracy, and you maintain peace in our nation, as well as abroad.  Thank you!

America's veterans of the past, many of whom paid the ultimate sacrifice, served our nation with honor and dignity as they protected human rights throughout the world.  Today's veterans continue  that same service and sacrifice.   We praise all veterans for their  accomplishments in the past, present and future.

Thursday, November 10th, 2016

Alabama Democratic Party Response to November 8 Election

Although more Democrats than Republicans voted nationwide for the Democratic Party’s stellar nominees for President and Vice President, the outcome was an Electoral College victory for the Republican nominees. We congratulate the winners and offer our support as they attempt to unify our divided country.

The Party also congratulates all our state and local candidates who were on the ballot. Regardless of the outcome, each candidate demonstrated undaunted courage and a strong commitment to service by qualifying to run for office and campaigning throughout the election season. We appreciate all of our Democratic volunteers who were an integral part of each campaign.

Most of us agree that our country and our state are divided, but we must all unify as a state and nation to guarantee that our children receive a world-class education in well-funded public schools.  We must support our working men and women with job training and employment opportunities, higher pay, and affordable health care.  We must protect our senior citizens‘ retirement and Social Security, as we expand their options for long-term independent living.

The Alabama Democratic Party will never stop fighting for the interests of the people of our great state.

Nancy Worley
Chair, Alabama Democratic Party

Monday, November 7th, 2016

Election Information - November 8, 2016

Rides to the Polls:

Jefferson County - call (205) 213-4091

Other counties - call (334) 262-2221


Democratic Candidates:

US Senate - Ron Crumpton

US House District 2 - Nathan Mathis

US House District 3 - Jesse Smith

US House District 5 - Will Boyd

US House District 6 - David Putman

US House District 7 - Congresswoman Terri Sewell

State Board of Education District 3 - Jarralynne Agee

State Board of Education District 5 - Ella Bell


Sample Ballots:

Click here for your county


Proposed Constitutional Amendments:

Click here for descriptions


Make a Plan to Vote

Confirm where you vote


Vote a Straight Democratic Ticket!




Thursday, October 20th, 2016

Donald Trump and the Third Debate

For the THIRD time, Hillary Clinton won the debate last night!

For the THIRD time, Donald Trump insulted one or more persons in the debate. This time he stooped to a new low when he referred to our nominee as a "nasty woman."

Once again he demonstrated that his vocabulary and his demeanor are inappropriate for a President of the United States.

Most Mothers and Fathers teach their children to be polite, NOT call people names, NOT curse in public, NOT make fun of people with handicaps, etc., yet Donald Trump has repeatedly shown that he did not learn those important lessons in childhood. He has repeatedly shown himself to lack the polish and class we expect in a President.

Some of you remember the uproar when Jimmy Carter wore a sweater in a televised fireside chat. People said he did not "look Presidential." Where is the same outcry when Donald Trump does not "sound Presidential"? Trump's language and behavior make him the candidate who "needs his mouth washed out with soap."

Trump displays a lack of knowledge, lack of temperament, and lack of refinement which, historically, we expected in the person who held the highest office in the land.

We can't allow him to achieve his goals. We can't stand by while this man continues to spread his lies, crude name-calling and lack of respect across our country.

We can't just let him win here in Alabama without a fight! Not in a state where 195,055 people have health insurance through the Affordable Care Act. Not in a state that has improved from 9.1% to 5.4% unemployment under President Obama.

We must move forward together. We need you to join us in this fight. We need you to call your family, friends and neighbors to make sure they are registered to vote.

Monday, October 24th is the Alabama deadline for voter registration. Make sure every Democrat votes by absentee ballot if he/she cannot vote at the polls on Election day, November 8th.

We also need you in this fight to help our Party move forward together. You may donate here to the Alabama Democratic Party.

We cannot win this war unless we stand up and fight. We cannot win this war if we allow Trump to get away with degrading those with disabilities, women, immigrants and so many others.

Stand up for Alabama today. Stand up for Democrats today.

In unity there is victory. I am willing to listen to anyone, work with anyone, join in fighting the enemy at any time, but we cannot do this without your help.

Forward together!

Pitch in today!

Nancy Worley
Chair, Alabama Democratic Party


Monday, October 17th, 2016

Alabama Democrats Mourn Passing of Lucy Baxley

The Alabama Democratic Party mourns the loss of Lucy Baxley, an outstanding woman who served our state with honor and grace for many years. We inducted her into the Alabama Democratic Party Hall of Fame last year for her numerous political accomplishments through the years. Our thoughts and prayers are with her husband, children, and other family members.


Monday, October 10th, 2016

Statement on Donald Trump and the Second Debate

Last night, Donald Trump confirmed that he dodged taxes, belittled sexual assault as “locker room” talk, demonstrated no grasp of foreign policy issues, filled the debate stage with hateful remarks, and threatened to jail his political opponent. At this point it should be abundantly clear that Donald Trump, with his unstable temperament, is historically unfit to be president.

Some Alabama Republicans are now trying to distance themselves from Trump’s reprehensible behavior.

“Alabama Republicans supported Donald Trump’s bigoted and dangerous campaign while he made racist and sexist statements, mocked people with disabilities, promoted bullying, invited cyber attacks, and praised Vladimir Putin.” said Alabama Democratic Party Chair Nancy Worley. “They made their choice, and there is no turning back now.

At the second debate, Trump admitted that he dodged taxes, refused to apologize for sexist comments, and demonstrated no grasp of foreign policy issues.

While Hillary Clinton has the knowledge, strength, and detailed plans to build a strong economy where everyone can get ahead, Donald Trump peddles hate speech, disgusting sexual comments and conspiracy theories. The choice is clear.”

Monday, August 22nd, 2016

Candidate Training September 29th

 2016 Campaign School
 How to Run a Successful Campaign
 A one-day campaign school sponsored by the Alabama Farmers Federation

Attend a one-day, bi-partisan campaign school sponsored by the Alabama Farmers Federation on Thursday, September 29th, 2016.  The campaign school is open to anyone interested in becoming a candidate in the future or for those who already hold political office.

The school will provide you with ethics training - the tools and information necessary to organize a political campaign with strong grassroots efforts and an effective strategy. It will teach potential candidates the steps to take now to ensure a successful campaign in the future or will help veteran office holders to evaluate their past campaign efforts.

Our program includes award-winning speakers, study materials, special guests, a light breakfast and lunch.  You will hear from elected officials of both parties along with the state’s top political consultants on the best strategies to run a successful campaign. Lt. Governor Kay Ivey and Secretary of State John Merrill are among those who will be speaking.

Registration is required and is on a first-come, first-serve basis. Space is limited so please register today for only $20 to cover the cost of food and materials.

Registration will close on September 1st at noon.

Please make your check payable to the Alabama Farmers Federation and mail to the address below:

Jessica Mims
Alabama Farmers Federation
P.O. Box 11000
Montgomery, Alabama 36191


Tuesday, July 12th, 2016

Alabama Delegation to the 2016 Democratic National Convention

District-level delegates:

Congressional District 1

Vivian Davis Figures  (Clinton)
Mary Morris  (Clinton)

James E. Buskey  (Clinton)
Marcellus N. Parker  (Sanders)

Congressional District 2

Janet Y. Buskey  (Clinton)
Tyna D. Davis  (Clinton)
Beth Sanders  (Sanders)

Joe Reed  (Clinton)
Steven L. Reed  (Clinton)

Congressional District 3

Gwendolyn Harris Brooks  (Clinton)
Pat "Patsy" Jones  (Clinton)

Johnny Ford  (Clinton)
Jesse T. Smith  (Sanders)

Congressional District 4

Sue Thompson  (Clinton)
Ashley Bryant  (Sanders)

Robert Avery  (Clinton)
Roger H. Bedford, Jr.  (Clinton)

Congressional District 5

Susan C. Brown  (Clinton)
Laura Hall  (Clinton)

Eddie Sherrod  (Clinton)
Patrick Doyle  (Sanders)

Congressional District 6

Merika Coleman  (Clinton)
Mallory Anderton  (Sanders)


Congressional District 7

Louise Alexander  (Clinton)
Linda Coleman  (Clinton)
Shelia Smoot  (Clinton)
Sheila D. Tyson  (Clinton)

Fred Bell  (Clinton)
Earl Hilliard, Jr.  (Clinton)
Hank Sanders  (Clinton)
Rodger M. Smitherman  (Clinton)


PLEO (Party Leader Elected Official) Delegates:

Valvier "Val" Bright  (Clinton)
Priscilla P. Dunn  (Clinton)
Juandalynn "LeLe" Givan  (Clinton)

Grover Dunn  (Clinton)
Fred D. Gray  (Clinton)
Joe L. Reed  (Clinton)
Steven W. Hoyt  (Sanders)

At-Large Delegates:

Jarralynne Agee  (Clinton)
Maudie Bedford  (Clinton)
Sherry McClain  (Clinton)
Yvette M. Richardson  (Clinton)
Teresa Smiley  (Clinton)
Larisa Thomason  (Sanders)

Roger Bedford III  (Clinton)
Warren Davis  (Clinton)
Harry Gilliam  (Clinton)
Julian McPhillips  (Clinton)
Jim Spearman  (Clinton)
Charlie L. Staten  (Clinton)
Jeffery McDaniels  (Sanders)

At-Large Alternates:

Sylvia Williams  (Sanders)


Credentials Committee:
Anita McDaniel Brueck  (Clinton)
Zack Buckner  (Clinton)

Platform Committee:
Carolyn (CiCi) Culpepper  (Clinton)
D. Anthony (Tony) Parker  (Sanders)

Rules Committee:
Virginia Edington  (Clinton)
Earl Jones  (Clinton)

Wade Lipscomb
Irva Reed

Thursday, June 30th, 2016

Candidate Qualifying for House District 79 Special Election

Qualifying is open for the Special Primary Election to be held on Tuesday, September 13, 2016 to fill the vacant House District 79 seat in Lee County. Any interested candidate may print a qualifying form, located on the Party website: (click here). A potential candidate may also call the Party at (334) 262-2221 and ask the Party Staff to mail or fax a qualifying form. The qualifying fee is $558.26, half the usual House qualifying fee because the eventual winner will serve half the term.

All qualifying papers, along with the fee, must be received in the State Party Office by July 14, 2016, at 5:00 p.m. Candidates may mail or deliver qualifying forms to the Alabama Democratic Party at 501 Adams Avenue, Montgomery, AL 36104.

Tuesday, May 3rd, 2016

Alabama Democratic Party Mourns Passing of Secretary Greg Graves

Alabama Democrats mourn the passing of Dr. Gregory T. Graves, Secretary of the Alabama Democratic Party. Please join us in extending thoughts and prayers to Dr. Graves' loved ones during this difficult time.

The funeral arrangements for Dr. Graves are as follows:

Family Hour – Friday, May 6th - 6:30 - 7:30pm
Ross-Clayton Funeral Home
1412 Adams Avenue
Montgomery, AL 36104

Funeral – Saturday, May 7th – 11:00am
Community Congregational United Church of Christ
3481 South Court Street
Montgomery, AL 36105

In lieu of flowers, donations can be made at ServisFirst Bank for "The Graves Family Fund" (TyJewel Graves College Fund). Donations should be mailed to: ServisFirst Bank, P.O. Box 4189, Montgomery, AL 36103.


Wednesday, April 13th, 2016

Alabama College Democrats Held 2016 Convention in Tuscaloosa

This past weekend the Alabama College Democrats held their annual convention in Tuscaloosa. A great crowd of future Alabama Democratic leaders was on hand to conduct business and elect a new slate of officers to serve for the next year. Attendees heard from Doug Hoffman, President of Engage Alabama; 6th Judicial Circuit Judge John England; U.S. Senate nominee Ron Crumpton; and Alabama Democratic Party Chair Nancy Worley.

Congratulations to our College Democrats for an excellent 2016 convention!

New executive board pictured above (L to R): Mike Smith, Nick Osborn, Patrick Fitzgerald, Katie Schafer, Calvin Wilborn, Emily Hale, Chip Brownlee, Colin Mortensen, and Ethan Gregory


Monday, April 4th, 2016

At-Large and PLEO Delegates Elected on April 2

National convention delegation press release:  2016-04-21 Convention Delegation Certification.pdf


PLEO (Party Leader Elected Official) Delegates:

Valvier "Val" Bright  (Clinton)
Priscilla P. Dunn  (Clinton)
Juandalynn "LeLe" Givan  (Clinton)

Grover Dunn  (Clinton)
Fred D. Gray  (Clinton)
Joe L. Reed  (Clinton)
Steven W. Hoyt  (Sanders)

At-Large Delegates:

Jarralynne Agee  (Clinton)
Maudie Bedford  (Clinton)
Sherry McClain  (Clinton)
Nancy Gardner Sewell  (Clinton)
Teresa Smiley  (Clinton)
Larisa Thomason  (Sanders)

Roger Bedford III  (Clinton)
Harry Gilliam  (Clinton)
Jim Spearman  (Clinton)
Charlie L. Staten  (Clinton)
Jeffery McDaniels  (Sanders)

At-Large Alternates:

Yvette M. Richardson  (Clinton)
Sylvia Williams  (Sanders)

Julian McPhillips  (Clinton)
Warren Davis  (Clinton)

Credentials Committee:
Anita McDaniel Brueck  (Clinton)
Zack Buckner  (Clinton)

Platform Committee:
Carolyn (CiCi) Culpepper  (Clinton)
D. Anthony (Tony) Parker  (Sanders)

Rules Committee:
Virginia Edington  (Clinton)
Earl Jones  (Clinton)

Wade Lipscomb
Irva Reed

Friday, March 11th, 2016

District-Level Convention Delegates Elected on March 1 with Election Results

Congressional District 1

Vivian Davis Figures  (Clinton)
Mary Morris  (Clinton)

Napoleon Bracy, Jr.  (Clinton)
James E. Buskey  (Clinton)
Marcellus N. Parker  (Sanders)

Congressional District 2

Janet Y. Buskey  (Clinton)
Tyna D. Davis  (Clinton)
Beth Sanders  (Sanders)

Joe Reed  (Clinton)
Steven L. Reed  (Clinton)

Congressional District 3

Gwendolyn Harris Brooks  (Clinton)
Pat "Patsy" Jones  (Clinton)

Johnny Ford  (Clinton)
Fred Gray, Jr.  (Clinton)
Jesse T. Smith  (Sanders)

Congressional District 4

Sue Thompson  (Clinton)
Ashley Bryant  (Sanders)

Robert Avery  (Clinton)
Roger H. Bedford, Jr.  (Clinton)

Congressional District 5

Susan C. Brown  (Clinton)
Laura Hall  (Clinton)

Eddie Sherrod  (Clinton)
Patrick Doyle  (Sanders)

Congressional District 6

Merika Coleman  (Clinton)
Mallory Anderton  (Sanders)

Louis Baxley  (Clinton)

Congressional District 7

Louise Alexander  (Clinton)
Ella B. Bell  (Clinton)
Linda Coleman  (Clinton)
Shelia Smoot  (Clinton)
Sheila D. Tyson  (Clinton)

Fred Bell  (Clinton)
Earl Hilliard, Jr.  (Clinton)
Hank Sanders  (Clinton)
Rodger M. Smitherman  (Clinton)

The "Uncommitted" presidential category did not reach the 15% threshold in any congressional district. As a result, no uncommitted delegates were elected.

Delegate election results:

Hillary Clinton

Martin J. O'Malley

Bernie Sanders


Thursday, March 10th, 2016

Qualified Candidates for At-Large and Pledged PLEO (Party Leader Elected Official) Delegate

Click on the links below to view At-Large and Pledged PLEO (Party Leader Elected Official) Delegate Candidates


Pledged PLEO (Party Leader Elected Offical)

Qualifying to run as a Pledged PLEO and/or At-Large Delegate ends March 29, 2016 at 5:00 pm.


Monday, March 7th, 2016

At-Large and PLEO Delegate Qualifying Open Until March 29

Alabama Democrats interested in running as an At-Large Delegate (or Alternate) and/or Pledged Party Leader and Elected Official (PLEO) Delegate may qualify by submitting a Statement of Candidacy with the Alabama Democratic Party by 5:00 p.m. on March 29, 2016.

Eleven At-Large delegates, seven pledged PLEO delegates and four alternates will be selected at a meeting of the State Democratic Executive Committee on April 2, 2016. The SDEC meeting will be held at the Crump Senior Center, 1751 Congressman W.L. Dickinson Dr, Montgomery, AL 36109 and will begin at 11:00 a.m. Convention delegates will meet at the Crump Center immediately after the SDEC meeting.

Delegate candidates who previously submitted statements of candidacy do not have to resubmit the form unless they did not indicate that they wanted to be considered for At-Large and/or PLEO, or if they wish to change the presidential candidate that they are pledged to.

The Democratic Party seeks a diverse group of candidates in gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, age, occupation, etc.

Statements of candidacy (with signed pledges of presidential candidate support) may be submitted in person or mailed to the Party office in Montgomery:

Alabama Democratic Party
501 Adams Ave
Montgomery, AL 36104

PDF download:  Statement of Candidacy and Pledge of Support

Tuesday, March 1st, 2016


Democrats are heading out to vote all over the state today, and we're counting on voters like you to make your voices heard. The polls are open today from 7:00 a.m. until 7:00 p.m., so double check your polling place and make a plan to get out and vote.

We are fortunate to have two incredible candidates in Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders, and you've had the opportunity to hear from both of them on their plans to keep moving America forward. No matter who becomes our nominee, we are going to stand behind them and fight as hard as we can until one of them is the next President of the United States.

Find your polling place at the link below and GO VOTE!

Locate your polling place

Monday, February 15th, 2016

Alabama Democratic Party has not endorsed a Presidential candidate in the March 1 Primary

The Alabama Democratic Party has NOT endorsed a candidate for President in the March 1 Primary.  On Saturday, February 13, following the minority caucus' (ADC) Luncheon, WSFA (Channel 12), an affiliate of the Raycom Network, ran a false story that the Party had endorsed Hillary Clinton.  Party Chair Nancy Worley called the reporter after she heard the story Saturday evening and asked for a correction.  She was assured the story would be taken down and corrected. 

Unfortunately other Raycom Network affiliates ran the story on Sunday with the false information.  ADC, the Alabama Democratic Conference, or minority caucus chaired by Dr. Joe Reed, endorsed Secretary Clinton; however, the Alabama Democratic Party does not endorse in a Primary Election.

Individuals with concerns about this false story should call Channel 12, a Raycom Affiliate in Montgomery, which originally aired the story at (334) 288-1212.

Monday, February 8th, 2016

Alabama Democratic Party Mourns Passing of Vice Chair Redding Pitt

The Alabama Democratic Party is deeply saddened by the death of Redding Pitt, current Vice Chair since 2013, and former Chairman, 2001 – 2005.  Redding Pitt served as an attorney with the firm of Farris, Riley and Pitt in Birmingham, Alabama, from 2001 until his death.  A native of the Tennessee Valley, Redding Pitt was appointed by President Bill Clinton to serve as U.S. Attorney for the Middle District of Alabama, 1994 - 2001, and he held various government positions at the federal and state level prior to that appointment.

Alabama Democratic Party Chairwoman Nancy Worley said, “Redding was an excellent Party Chairman and Vice Chairman, a scholar of history and politics, and a strong supporter of the Democratic Party’s core principles.”  “The State Democratic Executive Committee, its officers, as well as Democrats throughout Alabama, offer condolences to his son and extended family.  We will never forget his numerous contributions to the Party and to the people of our state,” said Worley.

Friday, January 29th, 2016

Chair Nancy Worley:  7th Anniversary of the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act

The Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act was signed by President Obama seven years ago today. Named for an Alabama woman who fought back after discovering her male co-workers were paid more for doing the same work, the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act restored an employee's right to challenge pay discrimination in the workplace.

Alabama Democratic Chairwoman Nancy Worley praised the courage of Ledbetter and said, "The Fair Pay Act was a victory for families, since four out of ten households in our country are headed by females."

Unfortunately, women still earn 79 cents for every dollar a man makes, so there is more work to do to achieve fair pay. "Democrats support a strong economy, and equal pay will help strengthen that foundation and grow the middle class," said Worley.

Friday, December 18th, 2015

Certified Delegate Candidates

Please click the link below for the list of certified 2016 Democratic National Convention Delegate candidates.

Delegate Candidates


Friday, November 6th, 2015

March 1 Democratic Primary Candidates

Candidates for the March 1, 2016 Democratic Primary Election

Please select the desired office to view the list of qualified Democratic candidates.


United States Senate

United States House of Representatives

State Board of Education

Circuit Judge

District Judge

District Attorney

National Convention Delegate

Monday, October 26th, 2015

Candidate/County Leader Training and Yellow Dog Presidential Luncheon

On Saturday, November 7, 2015, you are cordially invited to attend the Alabama Democratic Party’s COUNTY LEADER and CANDIDATE TRAINING, followed by our YELLOW DOG PRESIDENTIAL LUNCHEON, for the SMALL PRICE of $25 per person.  The location of the training and luncheon will be the Crump Senior Center, 1751 Congressman Dickinson Dr. (Wetumpka Hwy.), Montgomery, Alabama 36109, and the schedule will be as follows:

     9:30 - 10:00 A.M.  Registration in Rear Foyer (More parking in the rear)
     10:00 - 12:15 P.M. Training (County Leaders and Candidates separate)
                                Topics include Compliance, Fundraising, Communications,
                                Digital, Votebuilder, Field Operations, etc.
     12:30 - 2:00 P.M. Yellow Dog Presidential Luncheon
                                 James Carville (Confirmed Speaker)
                                 Other Speakers are not confirmed at this date.

All attendees must register and pay $25 per person.  There will be NO GENERAL SEATING (everyone will be assigned a table number following receipt of payment.  There will be NO STANDING, other than pre-cleared press; therefore, you must register and pay the $25 to attend this event.  REGISTRATION and PAYMENT can be made online or via the form linked below, with a check made payable to the Alabama Democratic Party.  Mail your registration form and check by Monday, November 2, 2015, to the Alabama Democratic Party, 501 Adams Ave., Montgomery, AL 36104.

NO PAC (Political Action Committee) CHECKS can be accepted by the Alabama Democratic Party; however, you may use an individual, business, or candidate committee check.  You should also complete a contribution form, since Federal Law requires political committees to report the name, address, occupation and employer for each person whose contributions exceed $200 in a calendar year.

Make your plans now to be in Montgomery, AL, at the Crump Senior Center, on Saturday, November 7, to learn winning strategies and hear from the Presidential Campaigns.  Register NOW!

Registration Forms

Online Registration

Monday, September 14th, 2015

2016 Candidates May Qualify Now Through November 6th

The Alabama Democratic Party opened candidate qualifying today for the March 1, 2016 Democratic Primary Election.  A steady stream of candidates running for re-election and as first-time candidates brought qualifying papers by the Alabama Democratic Party’s state headquarters at 501 Adams Ave., Montgomery, AL, today.  Qualifying will end on November 6, 2015, for all federal, state, and county offices, as well as for Presidential candidates and their Convention Delegates who will be on the March 1 Primary Ballot. 

Nancy Worley, Chairwoman of the Democratic Party, said, “We are pleased to see numerous judicial candidates and candidates for District Attorney turn in their qualifying papers today; numerous others called to say they mailed their qualifying papers or plan to bring them to the office this week.”

For more information, including qualifying fees and needed forms, see our Candidate Qualifying web page at Individuals interested in running for office at the State and Federal level will qualify with the state party, while those planning to run for county office will qualify with their respective county Democratic Party Chairs.  Potential candidates can find a list of County Chairs, including their contact information, on the Party website here.



Monday, September 7th, 2015

Chair Nancy Worley:  Celebrate Labor Day

Today we celebrate the labor movement in America which has improved our country's economic conditions, fought for higher wages and better working conditions, and opposed child labor, pay discrimination, and many other problems in the workplace and beyond.  Let us pause on this Labor Day to thank those who work today, as well as in the past, to make our country strong, to help those in need, and to create strength through unity to improve our lives.

In ancient Greece and Rome, the first labor unions were formed by the skilled artisans and craftsmen who wanted to protect the quality of their goods and services.  For example, the sculptors grew tired of pseudo-artists filling holes in their sculptures with wax and selling them as first-rate products at full price; therefore, the skilled artists formed a sculptors' guild or union to guarantee their genuine, quality work.  Today, we applaud America's unions for continuing that same principle  -- to produce quality, American-made products.  Buy American; buy Union.

Enjoy your Labor Day, but remember to honor those for whom the day is named.


Tuesday, September 1st, 2015

2016 Presidential and Delegate Qualifying Forms

Attached below are digital copies of the 2016 Presidential Qualifying form, as well as the 2016 Presidential Petition form, and the 2016 Delegate qualifying form.  Completed forms will be accepted during the qualifying period of September 14, 2015 to November 6, 2015. 

If you have questions please feel free to call our office at (334) 262-2221.

Presidential Qualifying Form

Presidential Petition Form

Delegate Qualifying Form

Monday, August 24th, 2015

Jefferson County Young Democrats Named Outstanding Local Chapter of the Year

The Jefferson County Young Democrats were named Outstanding Local Chapter of the Year at the Young Democrats of America's 2015 National Convention this past weekend in Los Angeles. Congratulations and well done, Jefferson County Young Democrats!



Tuesday, August 18th, 2015

Nancy Worley calls Tennessee Democratic Chairwoman on Anniversary of Women’s Suffrage Amendment

Today, August 18, marks the 95th Anniversary of the passage of the 19th Amendment, or Women’s Suffrage Amendment, which gave women the right to vote. To mark this occasion, I called Tennessee’s Democratic Party Chairwoman, Mary Mancini, to congratulate Tennessee on being the 36th state to ratify this amendment. Since ratification required three-fourths of the states to vote in the affirmative, the Tennessee Legislature became the final state necessary for passage when it ratified the Women’s Suffrage Amendment by one vote on August 18, 1920.

I told my female colleague and neighboring state Chairperson, "Congratulations on your state’s making it possible for women to achieve equality at the ballot box. As women active in politics, we both appreciate the battles which were fought from 1848, when the idea was first seriously proposed at the Seneca Falls Women’s Rights Convention, until 1920, when it was ratified."

Unfortunately, Alabama lawmakers fought this amendment and did not vote to ratify it until 1953, long after it was the law of the land. These backward attitudes toward women’s voting in 1920, remind us of some of today’s Republican Presidential candidates who want to turn back the clock on women’s progress.

August 18, 1920, when the 19th Amendment was ratified, and August 26, when the Women’s Suffrage Amendment was certified as law by the U.S. Congress, are both days for celebration. Passage of the 19th Amendment gave women the opportunity to make our voices heard, but we must all register to vote and cast our ballots in every election.

Monday, August 17th, 2015

Chair Nancy Worley on Gov. Bentley’s Endorsement of Gov. Kasich for President

It is ironic that Alabama's Republican Gov. Robert Bentley refuses to expand Medicaid funding for Alabama, yet today he endorsed Republican Gov. John Kasich for President, a Republican who accepted and praised Medicaid funding expansion for his state.

Gov. Bentley's refusal to expand Medicaid funding for Alabama, and the Republican Legislative supermajority's failure to pass a General Fund Budget after two attempts, shows how out-of-touch the Republican Party is with Alabamians.  Alabama's citizens work hard every day and they expect the Republicans who control the Legislature to do likewise and quit spending taxpayer dollars for Special Sessions.

Gov. Bentley should follow the lead of the man he endorsed for President and accept expanded Medicaid funding for Alabama. Democratic lawmakers have long supported this expansion, along with a lottery, to help resolve our state's financial crisis.

Friday, August 14th, 2015

Chair Nancy Worley on the 80th Anniversary of Social Security

Today marks the 80th Anniversary of the highly utilized Social Security program in the United States of America. Before the passage of Social Security, thousands of older Alabamians were poverty stricken, countless widows had no pensions, and numerous disabled workers had no income. Social Security changed the future for these citizens and gave hope to the hopeless.

Today, over one million Alabamians are the beneficiaries of Social Security, and more than half of those individuals rely on Social Security to provide 50 percent or more of their income. As a result of the 80-year-old Social Security Act, senior citizens can live independently for a longer time, widows are not left destitute, and disabled workers can put food on their tables.

Social Security is a cornerstone of American life, but it is under constant attack by Republicans in Congress and by current Republican Presidential contenders. While Democrats strongly support Social Security, we urge all our lawmakers to be vigilant against attacks on this very beneficial, successful program for eighty years.

Thursday, August 6th, 2015

Chair Nancy Worley: Celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the Voting Rights Act

Fifty years ago, on August 6, 1965, the Voting Rights Act, a piece of legislation supported by both Democrats and Republicans, was signed into law by President Lyndon Johnson.  The Voting Rights Act guaranteed an American citizen’s right to register and vote without obstruction, yet many Republican candidates for President, as well as Republicans in Congress and GOP-led State Legislatures today, support obstacles to voter registration and voting.

The signing of the Voting Rights Act was the culmination of many battles by black, female, youth and other disenfranchised groups to ensure that every voice is heard on Election Day.  Today, the fight to protect and advance voting rights continues.

Over half the states have passed laws to expand access to the ballot, while many other states have passed restrictive voting laws. Fifty years after the Voting Rights Act was signed into law, we must recommit to fighting to ensure that every eligible citizen is able to register, that every registered voter is able to vote, and every vote is accurately counted.

Alabama, a state where the battle began to end racial discrimination at the ballot box, must continue its fight for voting rights and join over half of America, by enacting same-day voter registration, early voting, automatic voter registration upon graduation from high school and other progressive ideas.

Voting rights should not be a Democrat vs. Republican issue; voting rights should be a bipartisan commitment to fulfilling the promise of the Voting Rights Act from fifty years ago that every voice be heard on Election Day.

Thursday, July 30th, 2015

Chair Nancy Worley:  Happy 50th Anniversary, Medicare and Medicaid

On July 30, 1965, President Lyndon Johnson signed legislation to establish Medicare for the elderly and Medicaid for low-income adults, children, pregnant women, and people with disabilities.  As Medicare and Medicaid turn 50 years old, millions of Americans have benefitted from these programs which have saved lives, reduced the number of uninsured Americans, helped people live longer, and provided the peace of mind that comes with affordable health care which is available when you need it.

The chances are good that everyone reading or hearing this either has Medicare or Medicaid, or knows someone who has benefitted from these programs.  Nearly 10,000 Americans turn 65 every day – that’s more than a quarter million each month who benefit from Medicare and Medicaid.  Fifty years later, we sometimes take these programs for granted which provide preventive services such as flu shots and diabetes screenings, or coverage for hospital stays, lab tests, wheelchairs, prescription drugs and more.

It’s easy to forget that before 1966, roughly half of all seniors were uninsured and lived in fear that the high cost of health care would cause them and their families to be poverty stricken.  Too few of us remember that not that long ago, far too many disabled people, families with children, pregnant women and low-income working Americans were unable to afford the medical care they needed to stay healthy and productive.

In 2015, fifty years after Medicare and Medicaid were signed into law and transformed the delivery of health care in the United States, millions of Americans now have access to the quality and affordable health care they need to live happy, healthy and productive lives.

Happy Golden Anniversary, Medicare and Medicaid.

Monday, July 20th, 2015

2016 Candidate Qualifying Period:  September 14 - November 6

It's official! Candidate qualifying for the 2016 elections will begin on Monday, September 14, 2015 and will continue until Friday, November 6, 2015.

Candidates for the following offices qualify with the state party:

Many more positions are up for election next year.  Contact the Alabama Democratic Party or your local county chair.  Let us hear from you if you would like to run!

Monday, July 13th, 2015

2016 Democratic National Convention Delegate Selection Plan

Please find attached below the  2016 Democtatic National Convention Delegate Selection Plan approved by the State Democratic Executive Committee at the July 11, 2015 meeting.


Thursday, June 11th, 2015

Nancy Worley on Legislative “Work Day”

This legislative “work day” is a play day for a pay day! It’s a bad joke, where the punch line is that lawmakers are coming back to be wined and dined by lobbyists, while the taxpayers pay their hotel bills and mileage. All this so that House Republicans can say they worked for 30 days instead of 29. Most Alabamians work far more than that! And unlike our legislature, most Alabamians also finish the job they were hired to do!

For three years, legislators have known this budget crisis was coming. They avoided it from 2012 until now by borrowing almost a half-billion dollars from the state’s savings account. Now that money has run out, and they still can’t come up with solutions. Instead, they are more interested in playing the blame game. But this time they can’t blame Democrats or Obama, so the House Republicans want to blame the Senate Republicans and the Senate Republicans want to blame the House Republicans. The truth is the entire Republican leadership is to blame because none of them did the only job they are required by law to do: pass a General Fund budget!

The people of Alabama deserve better than a “do nothing but blame everyone else” legislature. The people certainly shouldn’t have to foot the bill for this bogus “work day” or the special legislative session we will now have to have because the Republican leadership couldn’t even convince a majority of Republican legislators to support a plan.

Wednesday, May 13th, 2015

2015 Alabama Young Democrats Convention

Join Young Democrats from across Alabama for READY TO LEAD to focus on building up young people to take the reins and lead Alabama boldly into the 21st century.

Registration includes continental breakfast and lunch. $10 if you pre-register and $20 at the door.

For more information or to register, please visit the Alabama Young Democrats on the web:

Saturday, May 30, 2015

UAB Heritage Hall
1401 University Blvd
Birmingham, AL 35233



Thursday, April 23rd, 2015

St. Clair County Democrats Award Nursing Scholarships

Two $500 Marjorie Miller Rooney R. N. Nursing Scholarships for the Spring 2015 semester have been awarded to Jefferson State Community College students Jill Webster of Pell City and Makenzi Jackson of Springville as part of the St. Clair County Democrats’ Community Engagement Initiative.

“Congratulations to Ms. Jackson and Ms. Webster,” said St. Clair County Democratic Party Chairman Herb Kuntz. “We are pleased and honored to partner with Jefferson State to support this great training ground for interested students to pursue a career in nursing.”

“This is our second year to make these scholarships available, and we look forward to continuing the program,” said Kuntz. “These scholarships are unusual in that they are not intended for persons who might qualify for academic scholarships or for scholarships based on their economic status. These scholarships are intended for the motivated students who fall through the scholarship gap.”

Both Jackson and Webster were chosen for the scholarship from a pool of applicants based on need, academic achievement and attitude.

As a further commitment to the St. Clair County students in the Jefferson State Nursing program, two additional $500 continuing scholarships were awarded to Candace Duck of Pell City and Curtis Harris of Springville. Ms. Duck and Mr. Harris were the recipients of the 2014 fall scholarships.

The Marjorie Miller Rooney R. N.  Scholarships are part of the St. Clair County Democratic Party’s initiative to engage with the community and extend support in areas to benefit St. Clair County citizens. The scholarships are made available with the understanding and appreciation that a career in nursing fills a tremendous and growing need within the community as well as nationally, and that a career in nursing will provide for a secure and meaningful life for the future.

To be eligible for the scholarships, applicants must be residents of St. Clair County and be accepted into the Jefferson State nursing program. The scholarships are awarded with emphasis on the financial need of the student.

To apply for the scholarship, contact Jefferson State’s Dr. Cristy Daffron at (205) 812-2722.

Pictured above (L to R):
Joyce Parker - Presenter/Member of the St. Clair Co. Democratic Party
Makenzi Jackson - Nursing Student - 2015 Scholarship Recipient
Jill Webster - Nursing Student - 2015 Scholarship Recipient
Melissa Kennedy - Presenter/Member of the St. Clair Co. Democratic Party  

Pictured above (L to R):
Curtis Harris - Nursing Student - Continuing Scholarship Recipient
Carol Feeser - Presenter/Member of the St. Clair Co. Democratic Party
Bud Feeser - Presenter/Member of the St. Clair Co. Democratic Party
Candace Duck - Nursing Student -- Continuing Scholarship Recipient


Tuesday, April 21st, 2015

Seven Inducted Into Alabama Democratic Party Hall of Fame

Pictured above (L to R): Buck Watson, Hon. Ralph Cook, Gladys Coleman, Jimmy Knight and J. Mason Davis

The Alabama Democratic Party inducted seven new members into its Hall of Fame, Friday, April 10, 2015, in Birmingham, Alabama.  New inductees are The Hon. Lucy Baxley, Mrs. Gladys Coleman, The Hon. Ralph Cook, Mr. J. Mason Davis, Mr. James R. “Jimmy” Knight, The Hon. Robert S. Vance (posthumously), and Mr. Herman “Buck” Watson, Jr.

Lucy Baxley, Alabama’s first female Lt. Governor, also served two terms as Treasurer and two terms as President of the Alabama Public Service Commission as a Democrat, in addition to work in county government and a successful real estate career.  Mrs. Gladys Coleman, an educator, was the first African-American to serve on the Fairfield Board of Education and has been a community leader and Democratic political activist for over six decades.  The Hon. Ralph Cook, current City Attorney for Birmingham, and former Dean and Law Professor at Miles Law School, served as a District Court Judge, Circuit Court Judge, and an Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of Alabama.  Mr. J. Mason Davis, a recognized Alabama attorney for his civil rights work and legal expertise, held numerous local and statewide civic and professional leadership roles and was the long-time Secretary of the State Democratic Executive Committee of Alabama.  

Mr. James R. “Jimmy” Knight, practiced law for 53 years in Cullman, Alabama, served in numerous leadership positions with the Alabama Bar Association and Trial Lawyers’ Association and was elected Chairman of the Alabama Democratic Party, 1981 – 1985.  The Hon. Robert S. Vance, inducted posthumously, also served as Chairman of the Alabama Democratic Party, 1966 – 1977, participated in several landmark legal cases and held a seat on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit and later the Eleventh Circuit until his death.  Herman “Buck” Watson, Jr. of Huntsville, Alabama, has practiced law for over 50 years, primarily in the area of civil litigation, held numerous offices in the Alabama State Bar Association and Alabama Association for Justice, and is a Democratic leader who worked on numerous local, state and national campaigns.

The 2015 inductees join the 2011 first Hall of Fame inductees, Mr. Stewart Burkhalter, Dr. Paul R. Hubbert, Mrs. Ruth Johnson Owens, Dr. Joe L. Reed, and Justice Janie Shores.

“We are extremely proud to recognize these outstanding Democrats who represent our Party and its principles, to improve the lives of middle-class, working families in Alabama,” said Nancy Worley, Chairwoman of the Alabama Democratic Party.

Tuesday, March 24th, 2015

2015 Hall of Fame Dinner - April 10th, Birmingham Marriott Hotel

You are invited to join the Alabama Democratic Party for the 2015 Hall of Fame Dinner on April 10, 2015.

This year we will honor several dedicated Alabama public servants, including The Honorable Lucy Baxley, Mrs. Gladys Coleman, The Honorable Ralph Cook, Mr. J. Mason Davis, Mr. James R. "Jimmy" Knight, The Honorable Robert S. Vance and Mr. Herman "Buck" Watson, Jr.

April 10, 2015

5:30 p.m. Ticket Pickup and Cash Bar
6:30 p.m. Dinner and Program

Birmingham Marriott Hotel
3590 Grandview Parkway
Birmingham, AL 35243

Individual tickets are $100. Sponsorships and tables are available.

Please fill out the forms below and reserve your tickets or tables today. Make any check(s) payable to "Alabama Democratic Party," and mail to P.O. Box 950, Montgomery, AL 36101. You may also contribute online at 2015 Hall of Fame Dinner.

We look forward to seeing you at the Birmingham Marriott Hotel on April 10th, and we greatly appreciate your support for Alabama Democrats as we work to honor some of our most committed and passionate leaders in Alabama politics.

Friday, March 20th, 2015

Republicans Offer No Leadership or Solutions to Address General Fund Shortfall

We are now almost a third of the way through the legislative session, and the Republicans in the Alabama legislature have still not offered leadership or solutions on the most important issue facing our state: the massive hole in the General Fund budget.

Instead, the Republicans have chosen to push through a legislative agenda that is heavy on pandering and light on substance. Their most significant accomplishment - the charter school bill - does nothing to help failing schools, and, based on every other state's experience, will do little, if anything, to improve education. In fact, history has shown they may very likely lead to millions of dollars in fraud and waste.

By any reasonable assessment, the legislative session so far has been a failure, if for no other reason than the fact that we have wasted so much time and accomplished nothing on the real problems. The Republicans in the Alabama legislature wanted to be in leadership. Now they need to step up and lead.


Nancy Worley is the Chairwoman of the Alabama Democratic Party. She spent more than 25 years as an educator in the Decatur public school system, and is a former Secretary of State and former president of the Alabama Education Association.

Wednesday, March 4th, 2015

County Leader Training in March

Dinner (Dutch treat) and training sessions for our county chairs and local leaders are scheduled by congressional district on the following dates:

March 10, 2015-        CD#1 County Chairs/Leaders’ Dinner and Training
              Tuesday        @Street’s Seafood Restaurant (251) 937-2664
                                      251 Hwy. 31 South, Bay Minette, AL 36507

                                      5:00-6:00 P.M. Registration and ordering
                                      6:00-7:30 P.M. Training
                                      7:30-8:00 P.M. Q/A

March 11, 2015-        CD#2 County Chairs/Leaders’ Dinner and Training
       Wednesday        @Brick Restaurant (334) 566-5382
                                     100 Emma Dr. (Just South of the hospital), Troy, AL 36081

                                     5:00-6:00 P.M. Registration and ordering
                                     6:00-7:30 P.M. Training
                                     7:30-8:00 P.M. Q/A

March 12, 2015-        CD#3 County Chairs/Leaders’ Dinner and Training
             Thursday       @ The Ark Restaurant (205) 405-7237
                                     13030 Hwy. 78 (off I-20), Riverside, AL 35135
                                     5:00-6:00 P.M. Registration and ordering
                                     6:00-7:30 P.M. Training
                                     7:30-8:00 P.M. Q/A

March 14, 2015-        CD#6 and CD#7 County Chairs/Leaders’ Lunch/Training
             Saturday         Olive Garden Restaurant (205) 750-0321
                                      2100 McFarland Blvd. E., Tuscaloosa, AL 35404

                                     11:00A.M.-12:00 P.M. Registration and ordering
                                     12:00-1:30 P.M. Training
                                     1:30-2:00 P.M. Q/A

March 16, 2015-        CD#4 and CD#5 County Chairs/Leaders’ Dinner/Training
               Monday        Minnie Lee’s Hometown Diner (256) 353-0040
                                     3227 Pt. Mallard Pkwy. (off I-65), Decatur, AL 35603
                                      5:00-6:00 P.M. Registration and ordering
                                      6:00-7:30 P.M. Training
                                      7:30-8:00 P.M. Q/A

March 21, 2015-        “Make Up Day” Training
             Saturday         @ADP Headquarters (334) 262-2221
                                      501 Adams Ave., Montgomery, AL 36104            
                                      10:00 A.M.-10:30 A.M. Registration         
                                      10:30 A.M.-12:00 P.M. Training
                                      12:00 P.M.-12:30 P.M.  Q/A

Hope to see you there!

Friday, February 27th, 2015

Save the Date! Hall of Fame Dinner April 10th

Mark your calendars and get ready to come to Birmingham for a statewide dinner on April 10th. More information coming soon. See you there!

Wednesday, February 25th, 2015

Running for Office in 2016

Thinking about running for office in 2016? Contact the Alabama Democratic Party Chair or your local county chair.

Candidates for the following offices qualify with the state party:

Many other positions are up for election next year. Let us hear from you if you would like to run!

Friday, February 7th, 2014

Qualified candidates and qualifying information - deadline Feb. 7

The following lists of qualified candidates is subject to additions, deletions and changes.  In addition, the list is UNOFFICIAL until after certification to the Secretary of State.

Qualified candidates for public office list

Qualfied SDEC candidates list

Tuesday, June 4th, 2013

Democrats Mourn Loss of Barbara Bobo

The Alabama Democratic Party expresses its condolences to the family of Barbara Bobo, Democratic leader from Lamar County.  Bobo was the long-time publisher of the WEST ALABAMA GAZETTE, and was an avid University of Alabama fan and loyal Democrat.  Bobo served many years on the State Democratic Executive Committee, was Party Chair in Lamar County, and was a delegate to several Democratic Conventions.

Barbara Bobo will be missed by all who knew her.  Her smile was radiant, her enthusiasm infectious, and her knowledge and wit abundant.

Tuesday, May 28th, 2013

House Dem Caucus 2013 Awards Recipients

Congratulations to House Minority Leader Craig Ford who presided over the recent overflow crowd at the Alabama House Democratic Caucus Awards Dinner.  Recipients of awards were as follows:

Rep. Darrio Melton and Rep. Elaine Beech - Legislators of the Year

Rep. Thomas Jackson - James Buskey Leadership Award

Interns Callie Wallace, Desire Kafunda, and Antron Johnson - Recognition of Service Awards

Sunday, May 26th, 2013

Congratulations to Adline Clarke

The Alabama Democratic Party congratulates Adline Clarke, Alabama's newest House of Representatives member.

Rep. Clarke said in a written statement, “For over three decades, I have had the honor and privilege of serving the Mobile community as a newspaper journalist, entrepreneur, agency administrator, and as a community volunteer. Representing you in District 97 would be an extension of my decades of service to a host of community service organizations, including Sickle Cell Disease Association, the YWCA, Mercy Medical, and Senior Citizens Services.”

Clarke said on Facebook, “The story of my life is I have stepped up and accepted challenges as they've been placed before me.”

Monday, May 13th, 2013

SDEC meeting for June 1

Chair Nancy Worley has called for a special meeting of the State Democratic Executive Committee of Alabama on Saturday, June 1, 2013. 

More details will be announced here as they are finalized.

An Excel spreadsheet of the SDEC members and their addresses can be found here:

Wednesday, March 27th, 2013

Democrats Respond to Comments by Representative Mitchell

Recent inflammatory remarks made by Representative Joseph Mitchell do not represent the values of Alabama Democrats.  As far as the Alabama Democratic Party is concerned, Representative Mitchell stands alone in this matter and speaks only for himself.  The level of discourse in our Legislature and by our Legislators has been diminished and the Alabama Democratic Party deplores any rhetoric that divides the people of Alabama.

Thursday, March 21st, 2013

Kay Ivey Violates State Constitution

Just a couple of weeks after the Republican Supermajority in the Alabama Senate violated the Alabama Open Meetings Act by pulling a bait and switch in a back room deal aimed at harming public schools, Lieutenant Governor Kay Ivey closed out the week before Spring Break by violating the Alabama Constitution.
The Constitution calls for a minimum of 18 members to be present in the Senate to begin conducting business.  Despite having 22 members (a supermajority), the Republicans can’t seem to get their act together.  On Tuesday, only 16 members answered the roll call (two short of a quorum).  The Lieutenant Governor opened the Senate anyway.

Democrats have no control over what time the Senate decides to begin conducting business and Democrats were present and ready to get to work.

“Because Kay Ivey can’t count and Del Marsh and his members don’t seem to have respect for the taxpayers, an entire legislative day was wasted in the Alabama Senate this week,” said Alabama Democrats Chair, Mark Kennedy.  “We have so many difficult issues to tackle, yet the Republican Supermajority and Kay Ivey squandered one of our only 30 legislative days this session, wasting thousands of dollars of taxpayer’s money.  The Republican Supermajority needs to stop trying to conduct business behind closed doors.”

Tuesday, March 12th, 2013

Senator Dunn Explains the Need for Medicaid Expansion

Is there a doctor in the house to expand Medicaid for Alabama?

Is there a doctor in the house? I know, I know-it has become such a hackneyed expression that is almost cliché. We’ve all heard that phrase a million times on television, in movies, and even in cartoons. Audiences wait with anticipation because they know soon the doctor will step into the breach and offer some assistance to the person in need. For the moment, our physicians get to play the hero.

But when it comes to Medicaid in Alabama, that hasn’t happened. I remain hopeful that our senior “doctor in the state house,” Governor (and doctor) Robert Bentley, will have a change of heart and embrace the unique opportunity we have to help all Alabamians obtain access to health care under the recently adopted federal Affordable Care Act.

The Affordable Care Act, or ACA, offers states a chance to expand Medicaid to cover the working poor – those who work every day, but can’t afford private insurance and make too much to qualify for traditional Medicaid. What sort of incomes are we talking about? Families making about $31,000, and individuals making $15,000. And if you think that doesn’t apply to many of our friends and neighbors, you’d be wrong – Alabama has around 300,000 people who would qualify.

It sounds expensive doesn’t it? Health care in America usually is. That’s why so many haven’t been able to afford it. However, the ACA allows for full federal funding to cover all newly eligible Medicaid recipients for three years, with the state eventually picking up a very small share of that amount beginning in 2017. One UAB study says for our $771 million seven year investment, Alabama will receive almost $12 billion from the federal government. We’d collect over $15 from the feds for each dollar we spend to provide health care to Alabamians who currently can’t afford it.

The same study says Alabama will see $20 billion in related private sector growth and another $1.7 billion in state tax revenue. So, not only would we improve health care, but we’d provide economic growth to the state at the same time.

Of course, we can continue to ignore this opportunity. We can say “no thanks” to the billions in federal dollars and private sector growth. We can disregard the very real health care gap faced by hard working men and women across Alabama. It’s worth considering, though, that Alabamians continue to pay federal taxes each April just like citizens of every other state, but with one big difference – other states will see millions of their federal tax dollars coming back to make their states healthier places to live, and we won’t.

There are a lot of numbers here. I suppose the promise of billions in federal assistance sort of makes that approach to the debate inevitable. Balancing dollars and cents are the kind of budgetary concerns we all face in Montgomery each day. But we would make a genuine mistake if we failed to realize this discussion is less about numbers and more about people.

Expanding Medicaid is about that lady who has been on her feet for hours and kept refilling my cup of coffee with a smile as I chatted on my cell phone. Expanding Medicaid is about the guy who helped rebuild your back deck in the July sun without complaining because he took pride in his work. Expanding Medicaid is about the weary fellow covered in grease who listened with patience as you recreated the noise your engine has been making and then spent three hours with his head under your hood trying to decode the problem. Alabamians like these mentioned and so many more work hard every day. Their contributions are essential. They, in short, deserve to have health care just like you and me.

So, now we know who we’re talking about, that there’s a lot of folks impacted, and that the money is available to do the job. We even have the instrument to start the ball rolling with Alabama Senate Bill 259.

I’m not even going to bother to ask if there’s a doctor in the house. I’ll just say to my colleagues in the Legislature and our Governor, we need you to be the difference. Medical degree or no, Alabama needs you to step forward and be a hero.

Senator Priscilla Dunn is a Democrat from Bessemer. She served in the Alabama House of Representatives from 1998 until 2009 when she was elected to the Alabama State Senate.

Friday, March 8th, 2013

Sen. Quinton Ross: The Reality of Supremacy

Last Thursday marked the end of February which is a month that has been deemed an opportunity to reflect on the achievements of African Americans in this state and nation. It is my contention that these achievements cannot be narrowed to one day, one week or one month, but they are woven into the very fiber of American history. While we have come a long way, the actions in the Alabama Senate last Thursday are a constant reminder of how far we still have to go as it relates to diminishing the idea of supremacy and strengthening the idea of equality among all people.

I was born in Mobile, Alabama around the time the Civil Rights Movement had achieved great gains. My family moved to Michigan when I was young. My youth denied me the privilege of experiencing firsthand the moments that defined the movement: Brown vs. Education, the Montgomery Bus Boycott, the March on Washington, the March from Selma to Montgomery, and the signing of the Voting Rights Act. As a benefactor of all of history’s past, I could only read about those events in books, learn about them in school, or talk about them with the people who were there, but their lesson was not hard to understand.

Still, I wondered why the majority did not want blacks, a much smaller segment of the population, to have access to the same level of education, have a fair chance at well paying jobs, or have the right to vote. What harm could we, a minority then and now, do? The answer turned out to be very simple: maintaining the majority’s authority and power. Giving those of us in the minority the right to participate as equals would inevitably bring into question and harm their supremacy; denying us the right to participate as equals would show that the majority’s supremacy was unquestionable. Thus, we were denied that right. And make no mistake, we would still be denied that right but for the actions of many brave men and women, some of whom history remembers and some of whom history does not, but to each of whom we owe great thanks.

However, as the actions of my Republican colleagues consistently represents, we clearly have a long way to go before we rid ourselves of that hateful mentality. The Republican Party has a supermajority in the Alabama State Senate. They can pass virtually any piece of legislation at any time, including the “School Flexibility” bill that passed last Thursday, with 22 solid Republican votes. Despite the fact that the Republican majority had the votes on this bill, the Republicans decided to result to deceitful tactics and remove democracy from the legislative process to pass another bill. The “School Flexibility” bill, that so many supported, was originally an 8-paged bill. However, the bill that the Republican majority passed on Thursday grew to 28 pages, with a new name “The Alabama Accountability Act”, in conference committee and contained many added provisions to which the original bill’s supporters did not agree and could not support. Unfortunately, the Senate minority and Democratic members of the conference committee were never given a chance to read the new bill and were essentially denied the right to object to it. The Republican majority set the rules for the conference committee, and they broke those rules to pass a bill that they did not want the public to see because they knew at its heart it was not about improving education for the children of Alabama.

Why pull a bait-and-switch in conference committee? Why mislead so many people and break your own rules to do it? Why deny us the chance to read the new bill and debate it? The answer is, again, very simple: the majority has all the authority and all the power. It did not matter to them that I was elected, just like each and every one of them, to serve my district in the State Senate and was not given the equal respect I deserved under the rules. The blatant refusal to recognize me reminded me of one of my favorite books “Invisible Man” by Ralph Ellison. It was clear that I was invisible to the Senate’s presiding officer. It did not matter that my concerns were not only legitimate, but also widespread. It did not matter that there are rules to govern committee processes and Senate floor procedures. It did not matter that I was right to question both the majority’s abuse of the process, the reason why an 8-page bill had grown to 28 pages behind closed doors, and why we were passing a bill that no one had a chance to read. Their supremacy is unquestionable and the rules, even their own, do not apply when they are ill fitted to the Republican majority’s agenda.

I am proud of being an Alabama State Senator an opportunity afforded to me by our history’s past. However, while much has changed, it is also evident that the belief of supremacy by the majority lives. The actions of the majority in the Alabama Senate last Thursday just reaffirms that the fight for justice and equality must continue. Martin Luther King, Jr. once said: “When your belief is strong and your purpose just, no obstacle can stand in your way”. Therefore, I pledge that I will continue to serve my district, and the whole State of Alabama, with this in mind.

Senator Quinton Ross is a Democrat from Montgomery. He has served in the Alabama State Senate since 2002.

Monday, March 4th, 2013

Rep. Craig Ford: ALGOP: Broken Promises on Education and Ethical Government

If there was any doubt that the Republican leadership in Montgomery is waging a war on public education in Alabama, those doubts were put to rest last week.

By passing the so-called school “Accountability Act,” and doing so in the way that they did it, the Republicans in the Alabama legislature broke two of their campaign promises from 2010.

But before we get into the process of how this bill was passed, let’s look at the bill itself and see just how destructive it is.

There has already been a great deal said about the flexibility part of the bill, so I will focus on the new parts that were added into the bill at the last minute.

The new version of the bill includes two new and expensive provisions. First, it creates a tax credit to help families with children in failing schools pay for private school education. This tax credit would come out to around $3,500 per child.

The problem is, the cheapest private schools cost over $4,000 a year, and some cost as much as $20,000 a year. In fact, the average cost to send your child to private school in Alabama is around $10,000 a year, so this tax credit is not nearly enough for these families.

To help offset the additional expense, the Republicans are creating a scholarship program, which is capped at $25 million.

But here’s the thing, not only is this not enough to send a child to a private school, every dollar devoted to these tax credits and the scholarship program is taken out of the education budget, meaning our already cash-strapped schools will be facing major budget cuts starting this year.

But it goes beyond that.

Schools receive funding based on the number of students who attend. So if a failing school has a mass exodus or even a sizeable exodus of students, that school will lose even more funding. And that means these schools, which are already considered failing, will have to layoff teachers and support personnel, cut back funding or eliminate entirely extracurricular programs like athletics, and cut funding for textbooks, computers, and field trips.

Now how is that supposed to help a failing school?

This bill is a disaster for our state. But what is equally scary is the way it was rammed through the legislature.

Every bill has to pass both the House of Representatives and the Senate before the governor can sign the bill into law. When one of those two bodies changes the bill, the other chamber must accept those changes or a “conference committee” must be formed to work out the differences and send the mediated version back to each chamber for a vote.

But that did not happen last Thursday. When the conference committee met, the Republicans immediately left and went into a closed room. When they returned, they brought with them a bill that was more than three-times longer than the original version and included the tax credit and several other provisions that were not in the original bill.

This new bill was quickly rammed through the conference committee and then sent to the House and Senate where it was only allowed one hour of debate. Until then, nobody had seen this bill or knew anything about it. Ultimately, it passed with only 51 votes.

But legislators were not the only ones kept in the dark. The governor and legislative leaders also kept the state school superintendent and the Association of School Boards out of the loop.

In Gov. Bentley’s own words, he said he kept his education advisors out of the loop because, “I think they did oppose it…I think the conscious decision to not include them was to pass the bill.”

Senate President Pro Tem Del Marsh, R-Anniston, went on to add, “The truth is we did not have the votes to pass the bill the way it came out of the House.”

I have never heard of a governor intentionally keeping his own education advisors out of the loop because he knew they would oppose his bill! I doubt the governor would want a teacher telling him how to practice medicine. So he should be listening to teachers on all education issues.

But now we know their true intentions. It started with targeting teachers and support personnel. Then they went after school budgets. But with this bill, the Republicans in Montgomery are systematically trying to dismantle our public schools.

In 2010, the Republicans ran on a platform that said they would support our schools and bring open and honest government back to Montgomery. This week, they broke both of those promises.

Monday, March 4th, 2013


Last week, in what can only be described as the worst example of our legislative process, the Alabama State Senate passed the School Flexibility Act.

Set aside the disrespect and lack of statesmanship that was directed toward Democratic Senators, and you simply have a bad piece of legislation that was forced down Alabama's throat. The bill, originally only 8 pages, was drastically altered after Republican Senators and Representatives met in a closed-door meeting, tacking on page after page of new language that no one - including state finance and state education officials - had seen.

Now that the dust has settled, and the Senate floor shouting matches have ceased, Alabama is now faced with a law that sends your tax dollars to private schools, limits a teacher's ability to retain tenure, and (according to the State Board of Education) has "significant negative financial implications" to public schools.

What happened last week in the State Senate represents the worst of our political process. While our Senate Democratic Caucus fought hard to defend the voices of teachers, students, and citizens across Alabama, the Republican super-majority shut them down and forced a law upon this State that had only been read by a select few Republican leaders.

The Alabama Democratic Party needs your help - we need you to contribute so that in 2014 we can kill the super-majority and ensure that what happened last night never happens again. We've targeted the races we need to win and talked with promising potential candidates, but now is the time to make the rubber meet the road. We need your help now more than ever.

Donate. With each dollar we raise, we come that much closer to taking this State back, and restoring the voice of those who were quelled last week.

Wednesday, February 20th, 2013

Sen. Billy Beasley: A Healthcare Provider’s Alternative Perspective

As a rural pharmacist who runs a small business, I am a part of the healthcare delivery system. I dispense prescriptions to people in all walks of life, race, creed and colors. I serve those covered under Medicare, Medicaid and private insurance. I know what people go through to make sure they have the drugs they need. Many of them juggle payments for bills and food for their families with paying for the drugs and procedures they need. The expansion of Medicaid in our state would mostly cover those who work hard and pay their taxes, but are not provided insurance through their jobs, and cannot afford to buy single policy coverage. Please do not trick yourself into thinking that everyone comes from the same background and circumstances as you do.

It is time for straight talk about political implications hurting the people of the state of Alabama. I am referring to the recent decision by Gov. Bentley to not accept the federal funding to expand Medicaid under the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act – colloquially known as “Obamacare.”

The reason for government is to help those caught in the web of circumstances beyond their control. While the PPACA’s main thrust is cost control, and to prevent people from being punished for things beyond their control – being a woman, or having a pre-existing condition – it is also an economic boon to states which have not seen budget shortfalls like this since The Great Depression.

In a study conducted by The University of Alabama Birmingham School of Public Health David Becker and Michael Morrisey, both healthcare economists say the state could see a $1 Billion boon in new tax revenue.

Under the federal law, dubbed Obamacare, the federal government will cover 100 percent of health care expenditures from 2014 through 2016. During these first years of the program, Alabama would be responsible for a share of the administrative costs of the expansion. The federal matching rate declines after 2016, falling to gradually to 90 percent in 2020. As a result, the annual costs to the state increase from $39 million in 2014 to $222 million in 2020 for a total over the years of $771 million.

The federal expenditure during that time would be an additional $11.7 billion more on Medicaid in the state.

"While this is a substantial increase in federal spending, it is new income flowing into Alabama," Becker said, in the UAB press release. "Moreover, when physicians, hospital employees, pharmacists and other employees in the health care sector receive these new dollars, they spend them on gasoline and groceries and clothes. This second-round spending generates additional economic activity."

Read that last part again. The federal government will give us $11.7 Billion while the state’s share is $771 million. Just the increased economic activity will bring in $1 billion in taxes. They say there’s no such thing as a free lunch, and while we all pay federal income taxes, we should also all get something back from it. I hear Republicans whine every day about federal funding for studies to protect horned frogs, or for National Public Radio.  Here is a chance for federal money to make a direct impact on the health and welfare of our citizens while injecting money into our economy, and we’re turning it down?

After riding a wave of discontent and fear resulting from the drawn out debate and fear-mongering over what is contained in the PPACA/”Obamacare” legislation, my esteemed Republican colleagues hold all levers of governance in our state and make moves in lockstep to stifle dissenting voices and ideas.

They also seek to curry favor with the Tea Party – a group of nihilist know-nothings who will not be satisfied until our entire system of governance is burned down, and all incumbents are removed from office. To let the decisions of our state and the impact on our economy be affected by such a group is insanity bordering on criminality.

I believe in my heart that Robert Bentley is a good man. We served together in the state House of Representatives for 8 years before I moved up to the Senate, and he became our Governor. He is also a medical doctor bound by the strictures of The Hippocratic Oath. It would seem to me that he would want to expand coverage to all of our states’ citizens if doing so was economically feasible. So either the decision is raw political calculation – The Governor doesn’t want a Tea Party challenger to his re-election campaign in 2014, hard-heartedness, or incompetence.

At the recent hearings on fixing Medicaid, it was revealed that in addition to an unknown $80 million hole in the Medicaid Budget during FY 2013, the State Medicaid Agency has said they do not have the infrastructure in place to accept the money, or to disburse it to the people who would be covered. A state agency not tracking it’s budget and unable to perform the service for which it was created should be a major scandal – but it seems no one wants to upset the Republicans’ apple cart.

In September, the leadership of the Senate, House and the Governor put forth an Amendment to allow the citizens to vote on transferring $437M from the Alabama Oil and Gas Trust Fund – a fund established to keep the state’s money from Oil and Gas deposits in the Gulf of Mexico. The purpose of this amendment was to shore up the budgets of Medicaid and Corrections. The citizens passed this Amendment, and I campaigned for it and personally voted for it. It is the right thing to do to shore up our state Medicaid funds, especially considering Alabama has the least amount of Medicaid coverage allowable by law. It seems to me that some of that money could go toward fixing the infrastructure needed to accept this vital money.

As a small town pharmacist and independent businessman, I see every day that healthcare affects all aspects of Alabama life. It affects every citizen, every region, and every county, city and town. Giving working people basic health care coverage while pumping money all across our state at a 90% Federal-10% state match is a no brainer. I hope those with their hands on the levers of power have a change of heart.

Tuesday, February 12th, 2013

Judge Kennedy Responds to State of the Union

Tonight the President dedicated our nation to a renewed entrepreneurial spirit.  He issued a bipartisan call to renew our commitment to the American Dream.  He challenged us saying, "A growing economy that creates good, middle-class jobs—that must be the North Star that guides our efforts."

The President's call for a national commitment to early childhood education should be welcome news to Alabamians.  Hardly any state stands to benefit more from quality, universal pre-K more than Alabama.  Our state desperately needs the investments proposed by the President in manufacturing, clean energy, infrastructure and education that will grow our economy and expand our middle class—the engine of our economic growth.

The President has called loud and clear for us to rededicate ourselves to the expansion of opportunity for all Americans.  Let everyone here in Alabama work together to move forward, not back.

Thursday, February 7th, 2013

House Democratic Caucus Announce 2013 Legislative Agenda

House Democrats announced today their legislative agenda to put Alabama “back on track” in 2013 by addressing critical needs in job security, education, Medicaid, and the Alabama Trust Fund.

Putting the Trust Fund and Medicaid Back on Track

House Democrats are proposing legislation that will increase the tax on cigarettes and other tobacco products by $1. The increase is expected to generate $227 million annually in new revenue. The bill, if passed in a statewide referendum vote, will require all funds from the tax be allocated to the Alabama Trust Fund until the $437 million borrowed from the constitutional amendment passed last year is paid back in full with interest. The Trust Fund must be paid back within six years. After the Trust Fund has been paid back, all revenue generated from the tax would be appropriated to the General Fund Budget exclusively for Alabama’s Medicaid Program.

Putting Job Creation Back on Track

Alabama’s unemployment rate is still over 7 percent, with more than 152,000 Alabamians reporting they are out of work. Small businesses are the backbone of our economy, and are responsible for 84 percent of the jobs in Alabama.

House Democrats are proposing a job creation bill that supports small businesses by creating a tax credit that will be paid for by repealing a tax loophole that is currently only offered to multinational corporations.

Getting Education Back on Track

House Democrats are introducing a series of bills designed to address several needs in our public schools.

Pay Raise for Educators

House Democrats are sponsoring legislation that will provide a 10 percent cost-of-living pay increase for teachers and support personnel over the next three years. The bill would offer a 5 percent raise during the first year, followed by a 2.5 percent raise in the second and third years.

Democrats are also sponsoring legislation that will give a 10 percent pay increase to state employees and education and state retirees.

School Resource Officers

School safety must be a priority in 2013. The best way we can increase school safety is to put resource officer in each of Alabama’s 1,475 public schools.

The Legislative Fiscal Office estimates that it would cost $50 million annually to hire, train, and equip a resource officer in each of Alabama’s public schools. House Democrats are proposing legislation that will provide half of the funding for those costs to any public school that wants to hire a resource office. The expense, estimated to cost $25 million annually, would be paid for by a state lottery.

State Lottery

A state lottery can raise $250 million annually for our children’s education. The lottery bill proposed by House Democrats will allocate the revenue generated from the lottery for three purposes:

·      To increase the per diem given to teachers for classroom supplies from $300 to $1,000

·      To provide the $25 million needed each year to fund the resource officer program

·      To provide scholarships to A/B Honor Roll Students for tuition and fees at any Alabama university, college, or technical school.

PACT Program

Our state government made a commitment to the PACT participants that we would provide their children with an education. Today, Democrats are keeping that promise.


House Democrats are proposing legislation that would take 84 percent of the funds in the PACT program and distribute them to Alabama’s colleges and universities based on the percentage of PACT students they admit on average. In exchange for this money for their endowments, the schools would be required to waive all tuition and fees for PACT students.

PACT participants will not notify the school that they are a PACT participant until after they have been accepted, and the schools cannot ask applicants if they are PACT participants. The schools also will be prohibited from dismissing or expelling PACT participants for any reason other than the standard reasons for dismissing or expelling a student.

The remaining 16 percent of funds left in the account would used to provide payments for students who go to private or out-of-state schools, for refunds to participants who request a refund, and to cover administrative costs.

Closing Corporate Tax Loopholes

House Democrats are sponsoring a series of bills that would raise a minimum of $58 million annually for Alabama’s schools by closing certain corporate tax loopholes that allow multinational corporations like ExxonMobil to pay little or no state income taxes. It is unfair that small business owners in Alabama have to pay these taxes while their multinational competitors are allowed to avoid them. House Democrats will level the playing field and bring desperately needed revenue to the Education Trust Fund.

Tuesday, February 5th, 2013

Judge Kennedy Responds to State of the State

All the rhetoric in the world wouldn’t be enough to hide the truth from Alabamians. The truth is that Governor Bentley continues to fail to lead our state and, worse, his party—which has made clear that partisan politics will continue to come before the most pressing issues facing Alabama.

As a result of his failure to lead, it’s clear that we are now facing yet another session dominated by extreme legislation targeting women, children, the poor and the elderly and policies aimed at lining the pockets of Republican fat cat donors.

Tonight, its more clear than ever that Alabama needs a Governor and leadership in the State House that cares about the future of the state—not just upcoming elections and ensuring money making opportunities for a select few.

Thursday, January 24th, 2013

Arrangements for Senator Hinton Mitchem

Funeral arrangements for Senator Hinton Mitchem are as follows:

Friday, Jan 25th: Visitation at Adams Funeral Home in Albertville from 3:00 to 8:00 pm

Saturday, Jan 26th: Funeral at Moss Service Funeral Home at 2:00 pm with open visitation up until the funeral hour

Addresses for both locations are below:

Adams Funeral Home

6906 U.S. Hwy 431, Albertville AL

(256) 878-0231


Moss Service Funeral Home

1901 2nd Ave NW, Cullman,AL35055

(256) 734-1821

Monday, January 7th, 2013

Confidential Assistant?

In the middle of some of the worst economic times this state has ever seen, Republican Ag Commissioner John McMillan, has stooped to a new low by making up "Confidential Assistant" position to be filled by, none other than Mr. Youtube Sensation himself, Dale Peterson.

Apparently, Mr. Peterson is more than willing to join the ranks of individuals he once described as "thugs and criminals." The annual salary of over $70,000, though, likely made the pill needed to jump on the bandwagon pretty easy to swallow.

Folks, we can't sit idly by and watch this type of blatant political posturing by elected officials. I'm sure John McMillan will appreciate Dale's advice as a "Confidential Assistant;" but the fact is, there are too many Alabamians out there worrying about finding, or keeping, a job of their own for the head of the Ag Department to go around making up positions just to clear the field of 2014 opponents. Hasn't Dale done enough to make Alabama the laughing stock of the entire country?

By signing up as a monthly contributor today, you'll be helping us in our efforts to recruit talented candidates to go up against the type of good-ole' boy politics of the Alabama Republican Party.

If the actions of John McMillan are indicative of what the Alabama Republican Party is all about, the people of Alabama won't stand for it. In the words of Dale Peterson, himself, "We're better than that!"

Sign up and contribute $10 a month to help us make sure that we send them packing in 2014. Only if we prepare now can we be ready to compete when the time comes.

Wednesday, January 2nd, 2013

Judge Kennedy on Fiscal Cliff and House Republicans

Despite the best effort of far-right Republicans in Congress, including Representatives Bonner, Roby, Rogers, Brooks, Aderholt and Bachus, hardworking families and small businesses across Alabama and the country will start out the New Year protected from steep tax increases.
Thanks to President Obama’s leadership, these hardworking middle class families and small business owners will not face higher tax rates and, as a result, our nation’s economy will continue down the path to recovery.

With that said, it is an absolute disgrace that Alabama's far-right members of Congress brought our country to the very brink of another financial crisis for political purposes and then had the nerve to not only vote against hardworking families and small businesses but also to vote for a pay raise for themselves.

We will make it a mission to ensure that when Representatives Bonner, Roby, Rogers, Brooks, Aderholt and Bachus face the voters in 2014, the people who elected them will know that their representatives put their own pocketbooks ahead of the best interest of the country.

Thursday, December 27th, 2012

Presidential Advisory Council on Nominations and Appointments Formed

The State Democratic Executive Committee of Alabama will be conducting interviews in Montgomery on January 4, 2013 for any person interested in being recommended for an appointment in the next Obama/Biden Administration.

“We are thrilled to be in a position to make recommendations to the President regarding the best people to serve in federal positions in Alabama for the next four years,” said Executive Director, Bradley Davidson.  “It is important for the President to receive input from leaders in Alabama regarding those he intends to appoint to various positions in his administration, and we intend to have those recommendations on the President's desk the day he is sworn in."

Any person wishing to be considered for recommendation by the Alabama Democratic Presidential Advisory Council should submit their resume and cover letter stipulating which federal position they are seeking to by 5:00 PM, Wednesday, January 2, 2013.  Interviews will be scheduled immediately and conducted on Friday or Saturday, January 4-5 in Montgomery.

Tuesday, December 18th, 2012

Qualifying Opens for House District 97 in Mobile

Today, Judge Mark Kennedy, Chairman of the Alabama Democratic Party, officially opened the qualifying period for the House District 97 Special Election.

Any person wishing to qualify as a Democrat in this Special Election must submit their Declaration of Candidacy, Appointment of Principle Campaign Committee, and qualifying fee no later than Monday, January 7, 2013 at 5:00 PM.

A memorandum concerning the Special Election with Qualifying Instructions can be downloaded here.

The 2012 Qualifying Packet can be downloaded here.

House District 97 encompasses a portion of central Mobile County. Should anyone have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the Alabama Democratic Party office at (334) 262-2221

Wednesday, December 12th, 2012

‘Tis the Season to Expand Medicaid

Senator Roger Bedford's Thoughts on Expanding Medicaid

As the holidays are upon us, most people choose to celebrate the true reason for the season through performing acts of generosity for their fellow man and showing compassion to their neighbor.  But, even with all of the kindness in the air, there are others that take the “bah humbug” approach to the season—which is exactly what happened when Governor Bentley announced that the expansion of Medicaid will be denied to hundreds of thousands of Alabamians.  I hope that Governor Bentley will take the time to reexamine this issue by looking to the past, the present and the future, just like Scrooge, and he will realize for so many reasons that the State of Alabama simply cannot afford to turn down the expansion of Medicaid.

Governor Bentley’s argument that “the state cannot afford to expand Medicaid” is the same exact argument that former Republican Governor Fob James and Governor Bob Riley made against the creation and expansion of children’s health insurance in Alabama.  Despite those arguments, Democrats, who were in the majority in the past, were able to see the big picture and create one of the most successful—and cost-effective—health insurance programs for children in the country.

The bad news today is that Democrats are no longer in a position to override these objections and expand Medicaid.  However, the good news is that Governor Bentley and the Republican supermajority still have time to change their minds and expand Medicaid to improve the health of our citizens and an infusion of economic activity in our state.

Medicaid must be expanded because Alabamians desperately need access to health care.  The expansion would enroll over 350,000 Alabamians in Medicaid.  Today, Alabama ranks fourth in diabetes diagnosis, has the second lowest life expectancy, is second in heart disease related deaths and has the third highest infant mortality rate in the nation. Expanding Medicaid would change these statistics and, more importantly, save lives.

The cost of expanding Medicaid to the state of Alabama is diminutive compared to the amount of money that the state would receive in federal matching dollars.  A recent study by the Kaiser Foundation estimates that, minus the estimated savings in uncompensated care, the state would pay $569 million over ten years to expand Medicaid.  For that estimated cost—the state would receive over $14 billion dollars from the federal government in matching dollars during the same period of time.  In addition, the federal government would pay for 100 % of the Medicaid expansion during the first three years and gradually decreasing that down to pay 90 cents on the dollar after ten years.  No rational investor would turn down these types of returns.

The economic benefits of infusing $14 billion dollars into the state’s economy are endless.  As UAB noted in their recent study, Medicaid expansion will generate $20 billion in economic activity, which will add $1.7 billion in tax revenue to Alabama coffers from 2014 to 2020.  Doctors, pediatricians, dentists, and pharmacists would have 350,000 new customers, which is a tremendous economic engine for our economy.  These federal dollars and new patients would translate into the creation of new jobs and increased tax revenue for the state. In addition, many uninsured, working Alabamians would gain health coverage, which generates a healthier, more productive work force and economy.

The taxpayers, hospitals and doctors, who currently bear the cost for treating those who cannot afford health insurance, would be provided some relief should Medicaid be expanded.  According to the Kaiser Foundation, the State of Alabama will save $512 million in uncompensated care costs, and payments to hospitals would increase by $2.7 billion over ten years.  In addition, the state will realize an untold amount of savings because we can all agree that having access to preventative care proves to be much more cost-effective than the uninsured showing up in the emergency room needing acute care.

Finally, if Medicaid is not expanded, nearly 228,000 people in Alabama, who live below 100% of the federal poverty line, will not qualify for Medicaid and will not qualify for subsidies to purchase health insurance through an exchange. Due to the way the law is written, literally, the poorest, uninsured adults in Alabama will be those very individuals who will be left with less and will not benefit from the new healthcare law.Again, the cost of expansion to the state of Alabama is modest compared to the net gains that we stand to earn. This is especially true with Medicaid expansion costing the state zero dollars for the first three years.  Because Governor Bentley is a doctor, he should understand, more than anyone else, what we will lose if we do not expand Medicaid.   Therefore, I pray that the Governor will take the time during this season of reflection and compassion to reconsider his decision that will leave approximately 228,000 Alabamians without health coverage and force the state of Alabama to lose out on billions of dollarsin revenue.

If you feel as I do, please call Governor Bentley at 334-242-7100 to show your support for expanding Medicaid.



Wednesday, December 5th, 2012

Help Beth McGlaughn Win in HD 30

Let's finish 2012 strong by electing Beth McGlaugh to House District 30 (Etowah and St. Clair Counties)!

Click here to sign up to make calls in her district - it doesn't matter if you have time for even one call - every bit of effort helps!

Monday, November 26th, 2012

Rep. Craig Ford: Why Gov. Bentley’s Decision on Medicaid and the Insurance Exchanges is Wrong

I have been very disappointed to read that Gov. Bentley has chosen to hand over control of the state’s health insurance exchange to the federal government. Federal law requires the state to set up an insurance exchange. Because the governor has refused to follow the law, the federal government is going to set up the exchange anyway and without any input from the people of Alabama.

Gov. Bentley was originally a supporter of setting up a health insurance exchange. He even set up a commission to study implementing the exchange and asked three companies for proposals about how they would set up the exchange. But Gov. Bentley has flip-flopped on the exchanges, and now says he opposes them.

When Gov. Bentley announced his reversal, he said he changed his mind because the exchange would not be run by the states and because we could not afford the $50 million he estimates it would cost to set up the exchange.

But just this Summer, the Governor and his staff were referring to that $50 million as “free money” because it would come from the federal government – tax dollars that we already paid and would actually be getting back.

So what changed? The facts are the same. The health insurance exchange will be implemented as required by federal law. Alabamians will continue to pay for it with our federal tax dollars.

What has the governor accomplished by his stance?

The only thing the governor has accomplished is to take away our chance to be in control of the exchange. And for what? This choice isn’t in the state’s best interests. It doesn’t protect the state’s rights or stop the exchanges from being created. This choice is about playing politics, plain and simple.

It is also very disappointing that the governor has refused to expand the state’s Medicaid program. The expansion would have been almost completely paid for by the federal government, and the state would have had the option to back out of it at any time if we were not able to continue paying our part for it. We are leaving millions of dollars on the table, but more importantly we are leaving thousands of Alabamians without healthcare.

The governor’s decisions have not been in the best interests of the people of Alabama. Instead, the governor is playing politics so he can appear like he is fighting Obamacare, when all he has really done is turn over these crucial decisions to the federal government and lost an opportunity to get our federal tax dollars back.

The people of Alabama deserve more than political games. If we can get our tax dollars back and take some control over how the Affordable Care Act will be implemented in Alabama, then we should jump at that chance. But the governor has chosen to surrender our control and send our tax dollars to other states that will expand their Medicaid programs and create insurance exchanges using our tax dollars. Gov. Bentley made the wrong choice.

Monday, November 12th, 2012

Thank You

Over 90 years ago yesterday, at the 11th hour, on the 11th day, in the 11th month, World War I came to an end with the signing of the Armistice. The historical significance of that day is, of course, profound. But what yesterday and today - Veterans Day - marks a salute to those who have ever put on the uniform of our military - whether in war or in peace - and stood in the breach to defend our American way of life. Everyone from the Minutemen who fought for our independence, to the men and women currently serving our military abroad - we pause today to say "thank you." Thank you answering that call to service and assuming the risks and making immeasurable sacrifices on our behalf. What these brave soldiers, sailors, and airmen have given us is beyond our ability to repay.

Each November 11th, our words can never do justice to how much we appreciate what our service men and women - those who made it home, and those who did not - have given us. We stand together on this day and think of those who still walk among us, and remember those who only exist in our memories. We all know that the debt we owe our veterans can never be repaid, but that we still must try so that their sacrifices can live on in our hearts.

Peggy and I, our sons Burns and US Army Captain Leigh Kennedy, and all Americans salute you.


Mark Kennedy

Wednesday, November 7th, 2012

The Day After

Yesterday, Americans embraced building a bright future for all, instead of for just a few, and rejected the ugly politics of division. It is a great victory not just for Democrats but for us all.

Bill Armistead has been saying for months that Alabama Republicans were focused on a strategy “from the court house to the White House”.  They failed.  Democrats came out on top in many of the local races that the Republicans targeted, and Alabama Democrats still maintain a majority of local offices in Alabama.  Despite the efforts of Richard Shelby and Governor Bentley, Democrats held the Probate Judge’s office in Tuscaloosa County right in Governor Bentley’s back yard, and Democrats swept every Republican in Jefferson County out of office.  Armistead’s Battleground Patriots program of sending volunteers to battleground states didn’t stop the President and Vice President from being re-elected handily and it didn’t stop Democrats from picking up seats in both chambers of Congress.

Given how close last night’s results were, it is amazing to think that only two months ago Judge Bob Vance was not even contemplating a run for statewide office. We greatly appreciate him stepping up and running for this important position and anticipate that he will continue to be an important voice as one of the state's most respected judges.  We also salute Lucy Baxley’s sixteen years of service in statewide office.  Twinkle Cavanaugh will not get a bigger office, a bigger staff, or more responsibilities when she switches her nameplate at the Public Service Commission, but Bill Armistead may feel vindicated for being so badly embarrassed by Lucy Baxley in the 2002 Lt. Governor’s debate.

The closeness of last night’s results should also be a wakeup call for state Republicans.  The people of Alabama are not happy that instead of doing the job they were sent to Montgomery to do, Republican leaders have abdicated their responsibilities and focused their time and energy on petty politics and political games.

Today I start focusing on 2014. We will study the Alabama electoral map, be strategic in what we do and invite all Alabamians to join us as we continue to rebuild the Alabama Democratic Party.

Judge Mark Kennedy

Tuesday, November 6th, 2012

How to Vote on the Amendments


A lot of folks have told me recently that you would need a law degree to determine what some of the constitutional amendments that will appear on next Tuesday’s ballot mean.  Well, I have a law degree and I still find some of them confusing.  After doing our homework, here is how Peggy and I voted on the amendments when we voted absentee last week.  I took no position on the amendments that were specific to just one county.

Amendment 1 – YES
Amendment 2 – YES
Amendment 4 – NO
Amendment 6 – NO
Amendment 7 – NO
Amendment 8 – NO

Don't forget the back of your ballot next Tuesday.  Below, I've explained how I made my decisions on which amdendments I would support and which ones I would oppose.  These amendments are important.  And remeber, if you're a Democrat and you don't vote on're a Republican, plain and simple.

One more week to the finish line,

Judge Kennedy

I'll try to tell you what these amendments do in plain English:

Amendment 1

Reauthorizes the state’s Forever Wild program for another 20 years.  Forever Wild is our extremely successful public lands program and is responsible for the preservation of thousands of acres of land for conservation, hunting and fishing, and recreation.

Amendment 2

Raises the state’s debt ceiling.  Right now, the state is allowed to issue bonds up to $350 million.  This amendment will increase the bond limit to $750 million.  This is another example of the Republican Supermajority’s unwillingness to raise revenue, putting the responsibility on the backs of voters in Alabama to fund state government.  Most importantly, if the amendment fails and there are fewer funds to recruit industry, I imagine the Republican Supermajority and Governor Bentley could try again to raid the Education Trust Fund.  While we’re robbing Peter to pay Paul here, Peggy and I held our noses and voted “YES” in order to protect our classrooms, teachers, state employees, and those who depend on public services from further cuts.

Amendment 4

This one is tricky.  At first glance, who wouldn’t be for it?  Ridding the constitution of racist and Jim Crow language is something we’re for.  While federal court orders have made most of the language inoperative, ridding ourselves of this stain in our state’s constitution should be a no-brainer.  But…the Republicans in the legislature are trying to pull the wool over our eyes in a very cynical way.  If you vote “YES” on this amendment you will be voting to affirm that children in Alabama have no right to a public education.  In 1954, when the U.S. Supreme Court struck down segregated schools, Alabama added Amendment 111 to our state constitution.  Amendment 111 has three paragraphs:  the first eliminated the right to a public education, the second helped start private segregation academies, and the third demanded the segregation of students.  The U.S. Supreme Court struck down amendment 111, but it still embarrassingly remains in the state constitution.  We tried to eliminate Amendment 111 altogether in 2004, but the attempt failed.  The legislature took up the cause again this past year, but the Republican Supermajority decided to only take out the third paragraph and leave the other two in place.  If we vote “YES”, we will be reaffirming paragraphs one and two.  Why didn’t the Republicans bring up a clean bill that got rid of all of Amendment 111?  After their attempts at charter schools, their attacks on teachers, and attempts to raid the Education Trust Fund, you can only imagine what they’re up to.

Amendment 6

This amendment is a slap in the face to the President of the United States.  It basically says that the federal government cannot mandate citizens to purchase health insurance.  The Supreme Court has already upheld the constitutionality of the Affordable Care Act, so this amendment would be just another superfluous addition to our constitution.

Amendment 7

This one sounds great.  Who isn’t for a secret ballot?  The trick is that the amendment adds “employee representation” to the types of elections covered under the secret ballot provision.  This is a frontal assault on organized labor and an attempt to get rid of “card check”.  Card check is an organizing method where in order for workers to unionize, more than half of workers in a given company must sign a card saying they want to be represented by a union.  Since card check is not a secret ballot, this type of union organizing would be prohibited if the amendment passes.  The Alabama AFL-CIO rightly says that the measure would give companies more control over an already corporate-dominated system in which workers who want to form unions are harassed, intimidated and threatened by their bosses.  We need to stand with our brothers and sisters in organized labor and vote “NO”.

Amendment 8

This is a back door pay increase for legislators and another reminder that they haven’t voted to repeal the 62% pay raise that the Republican Supermajority campaigned so hard against in 2010.  The amendment pegs legislators’ pay to the average household income in Alabama while also increasing their travel and overnight expenses.  The Republican leadership should keep their promises from the 2010 campaign, not give themselves a back door pay raise when they can’t even balance the state’s budget.

Tuesday, November 6th, 2012

Peggy Wallace Kennedy: Stand Up For What’s Right

Dear Fellow Democrats,

When you spend you entire life in the world of politics, sometimes the longest walk home is from your mailbox to the kitchen table.  Monday, October 29th, was one of those days.  Mixed among a utility bill, a church bulletin and three advertisements, was a large-sized, four-color mailer from the Alabama Republican Party.  At first, I was amused at the thought of the postage it cost to send a political flyer to the wife of the Chairman of the Alabama Democratic Party, but then I read what it said.

On one side was a picture of a screaming mob and on the flip, a picture of a group of white men with a large photo of President Barack Obama imposed on top.  And there it was, a slogan that was made famous by my father, Governor George Wallace, when in 1962, he rose to power on the wings of hate and fear using a mantra for racism that would become his trademark, “Stand up for Alabama”.  Those words became the coded call to arms to whites in Alabama and throughout the south to protect the culture and values of racism and segregation.

As a child, I stood on the backs of flatbed trucks decked with red white and blue bunting and confederate flags and witnessed the power of the politics of rage that engulfed crowds as they chanted “Stand up for Alabama”.

And after all those years, it is hard to conceive that while my father came to terms with his past on his own road to Jericho and sought forgiveness from those he harmed, the Alabama Republican Party has reached back into history and has become what my father ultimately denounced.

The 21st Century version of “Stand Up for Alabama” should be a proclamation of inclusion, a hope for the end of economic discrimination, a call for the protection of the rights of those that have no voice, and a commitment to a future where honest conversation and the exchange of ideas douses the flames of hatred and exclusion.

Often it is not what is said that is important but rather it is what is not said that marks the character and heart of a person or a political party.  The George Wallace of 1962 did not have to be explicit in his political rhetoric of racism because the phrase “Stand up for Alabama” said it all.

There is no question that our President is African American.  But for those that may have doubt, refer them to the leadership of the Republican Party.  They will be more than happy to remind you.

I encourage you all to go to the polls today and to stand up for what is right about Alabama, and that is clearly not the vision offered by the leadership in the Alabama Republican Party.

In Friendship,

Peggy Wallace Kennedy