Monday, October 15th, 2012

Here Come the Birthers…Again

With only 22 days until the election, it's apparent that the Alabama Republican Party will grasp at every straw they can to try and undermine our President and insult the intelligence of Alabamians.  We were informed today that the Birthers are at it again--this time suing Secretary of State, Beth Chapman, over the President's citizenship and attempting to keep him off the ballot.  It wasn't enough that the Alabama Democratic Party has gone to court three (yes, three) times with these fools and come out on top.  Three courtroom victories would be enough for any sane person, but when you produce hate-spewing videos like this, it's pretty clear we're dealing with folks who are a few cards short of a full deck.

Bill Armistead made national news recently as the first state party Republican Chairman to embrace a video from the lunatic fringe.  The video claims that the President of the United States is a communist who actively worked with minorities to intentionally cause the housing crisis in 2008.  This summer, a member of the ALGOP state committee went before their officers and tried to get them to endorse the idea that the President is some sort of covert agent.  Seven officers of the ALGOP voted with the tin foil hatters including national committeeman, Paul Reynolds, and national committeewoman, Bettye Fine Collins.  The leader of the birther movement in Alabama graciously provided us with a reenactment of the distinguished proceedings.  Yes, these people are certifiable.

Instead of having a legitimate discussion with me about the issues, Chairman Bill Armistead and his lieutenants resort to tactics that bring about the worst in our nature.  I've got news for Mr. Armistead, the people of Alabama know and deserve better!  We will not allow the politics of the petty deter us--we're gearing up to send volunteers to the battleground state of Florida and we're going to help win this thing.  Sign up here to visit Florida and help deliver a victory for the President.

The election is in 22 days.  It's important that we all keep the momentum going and our eyes on the prize.  Can you contribute $22 to help us pay our legal fees as we once again go to court to put a stop to this craziness?  As the Vice President said last week, their ideas are old and their ideas are bad.  Pitch in $22 to help us make it known in court.