Wednesday, May 15th, 2019

GOP Extremists’ Abortion Ban

Tuesday, May 14, 2019, was a tragic day for women in Alabama. Not only did the Republicans in the Legislature ban access to safe and legal abortion, they even removed the small concession that many "cave men" Republicans are willing to support ... except in cases of rape or incest.

The prehistoric reference to "cave men" is intentional because these Republican male legislators (and a few women) might as well have beaten Alabama's women and girls over the head with a club and dragged us comatose through the woods into their caves. The Republicans obviously don't trust women to think for themselves and make their own reproductive health decisions. The Republicans even distrust medical professionals to consult with and administer health care to women. But the Republicans must favor "back alley quacks" who will now perform unsafe and illegal abortions throughout Alabama. Those Republican "cave men" have thrown Alabama's females to whatever animal is lurking inside the caverns.

On the other hand, Democrats trust women and believe in our intelligence to make good reproductive health decisions. Democrats support reproductive choice .... that means choosing NOT to have an abortion, as well as choosing to have one. One can be anti-abortion and pro-choice! The key word is CHOICE.

When small groups of people start to make health care decisions for the rest of us, dangerous things can and do happen. Just read the stories of the government's syphilis experimentation and studies in Tuskegee. Ask those anti-women Republican legislators if they want a small group of Democratic government operatives prescribing their daily medications. Ask the Republicans if the State Democratic Executive Board should determine whether they receive treatment for prostate cancer or uterine cancer.

Yes, Republicans in Alabama will beat their chests and roar to the masses that Alabama will be the state to challenge Roe v. Wade all the way to the Supreme Court. While the masses cheer as millions of their tax dollars are spent on these legal challenges, their children will be sitting in overcrowded classrooms using outdated technology, their hospitals will be closing and their county's nursing homes will be too costly to use, and their jobs will be taken over by robots and they can't get training for a new job. AND, their daughters will get pregnant and have unwanted babies while the Republican legislators will fly their daughters to California for a safe, legal abortion.

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Nancy Worley, Chair
Alabama Democratic Party