Tuesday, October 23rd, 2012

Entering the Home-Stretch

Last night, America saw its Commander-in-Chief, and someone else who isn't quite ready to be Commander-in-Chief. President Obama's domination of the debate wasn't just because Mitt Romney failed the test every time by being unclear, uncertain, and unsteady; but instead because the President outlined a clear vision that can make America safer and secure our country's leadership around the world. In fact, by the end of the debate, after Mittens endorsed the President's foreign policy leadership, we here at the Party were unsure as to whether or not he was auditioning to be Secretary of State!

Folks, we have serious issues facing our country, and we need serious leadership to handle them - and no campaign talking point Mitt Romney can dish out can convince us of anything other than he's just not fit to lead. The President deserves our support so that our country can secure the rights of women, honor our veterans, and move us forward, not back. While the Alabama Republican Party has been sending smear sheets to every mailbox in the state, our volunteers have been dispatched to battleground states, making thousands of phone calls to ensure that the progress we've made the last four years will not have been in vain.

With that, we'd like to invite all of you to our Election Night Watch Party here in Montgomery! Along with the President, we have candidates across the state we want to cheer on to the finish line, and we hope you'll be a part. Tickets are going fast, though, so be sure act now. Join us in Montgomery and let us all stand together. We're in the home-stretch, guys - it's only fitting that we stand in unity to usher our candidates, both nationally and locally, on to victory