Thursday, October 20th, 2016

Donald Trump and the Third Debate

For the THIRD time, Hillary Clinton won the debate last night!

For the THIRD time, Donald Trump insulted one or more persons in the debate. This time he stooped to a new low when he referred to our nominee as a "nasty woman."

Once again he demonstrated that his vocabulary and his demeanor are inappropriate for a President of the United States.

Most Mothers and Fathers teach their children to be polite, NOT call people names, NOT curse in public, NOT make fun of people with handicaps, etc., yet Donald Trump has repeatedly shown that he did not learn those important lessons in childhood. He has repeatedly shown himself to lack the polish and class we expect in a President.

Some of you remember the uproar when Jimmy Carter wore a sweater in a televised fireside chat. People said he did not "look Presidential." Where is the same outcry when Donald Trump does not "sound Presidential"? Trump's language and behavior make him the candidate who "needs his mouth washed out with soap."

Trump displays a lack of knowledge, lack of temperament, and lack of refinement which, historically, we expected in the person who held the highest office in the land.

We can't allow him to achieve his goals. We can't stand by while this man continues to spread his lies, crude name-calling and lack of respect across our country.

We can't just let him win here in Alabama without a fight! Not in a state where 195,055 people have health insurance through the Affordable Care Act. Not in a state that has improved from 9.1% to 5.4% unemployment under President Obama.

We must move forward together. We need you to join us in this fight. We need you to call your family, friends and neighbors to make sure they are registered to vote.

Monday, October 24th is the Alabama deadline for voter registration. Make sure every Democrat votes by absentee ballot if he/she cannot vote at the polls on Election day, November 8th.

We also need you in this fight to help our Party move forward together. You may donate here to the Alabama Democratic Party.

We cannot win this war unless we stand up and fight. We cannot win this war if we allow Trump to get away with degrading those with disabilities, women, immigrants and so many others.

Stand up for Alabama today. Stand up for Democrats today.

In unity there is victory. I am willing to listen to anyone, work with anyone, join in fighting the enemy at any time, but we cannot do this without your help.

Forward together!

Pitch in today!

Nancy Worley
Chair, Alabama Democratic Party