Tuesday, August 7th, 2012

Chairman Mark Kennedy Comments on Supreme Court Chief Justice Candidate Allegations

Montgomery, Ala. – Alabama Democratic Party Chairman Mark Kennedy responded this afternoon to allegations concerning Harry Lyon, the Democratic Party’s nominee for Alabama Supreme Court Chief Justice.

“The allegations made against Mr. Lyon are serious. We assure Alabama Democrats and voters across the state that we are taking the allegations seriously and have already begun the process of ensuring they are reviewed in a thorough, proper, and timely manner,” said Chairman Kennedy. “The law is the law and it is important, in our judicial races above all others, that our candidates respect and follow it.”

The complaint argues Mr. Lyon should be disqualified as the Alabama Democratic Party’s (ADP) nominee because he is in violation of Alabama campaign finance laws, specifically the Fair Campaign Practices Act. The ADP also received a copy of a similar complaint made to the state Republican Party that outlines how several GOP judicial nominees have also failed to comply with the same state law.

“I urge Chairman Armistead to take the allegations against the Republican Party’s nominees as seriously as we are. No one is above the law and we must come together to demonstrate to voters that we take the law and their trust in us seriously,” said Kennedy.

The Alabama Democratic Party will call a special meeting of its State Executive Committee in the near future to take up the matter in order to ensure it is addressed and resolved in a timely manner.