Monday, April 10th, 2017

Chair Worley’s Response to Gov. Bentley’s Resignation

"Three strikes and you're out" applies to baseball and to corrupt Republican politics in Alabama, with today's resignation of Gov. Robert Bentley.  The Republican heads of all three branches of our state government have either  been convicted, ousted, or resigned within a year.  First, Rep. Mike Hubbard, Legislative Branch leader and Speaker of the House was convicted on multiple counts and removed from office; next, the head of the Judicial Branch, Chief Justice Roy Moore, was removed from office a second time for failing to uphold the U.S. Constitution, and the third strike today saw the Governor, head of the Executive Branch, agree to a deal that forced him to resign and never hold office again.

"Republican corruption has spread like kudzu throughout our state," according to Nancy Worley, Chair of the Alabama Democratic Party.  "To get elected, Republicans told Alabamians they were the Party of integrity and family values, yet they govern by fattening their own pockets, having love affairs, and disrespecting the founding principles of our government."

Alabamians work hard every day just to make ends meet and give their children a better life, while their Republican leaders in all branches of government sit and "fiddle" (more than playing the fiddle in the latest escapade) while Rome (in this case, Alabama) is burning.