Thursday, September 14th, 2017

Chair Nancy Worley on Impact of the Cassidy-Graham-Heller-Johnson Repeal Bill

Like each of their previous attempts, the Cassidy-Graham-Heller-Johnson bill would sabotage our health care system, gut Medicaid, increase costs, and strip health care away from millions of Americans. Once again, Republicans in Congress are ignoring the millions of Americans who pressured them into dropping their last health care repeal effort. While Republicans are pushing a bill to take health care away from working families, Democrats are working together to expand coverage for all Americans.

Democrats believe health care is a right, not a privilege. And as Republicans try to take health care away from working families, Alabamians will suffer under the Cassidy-Graham-Heller-Johnson bill. This harmful bill will end Medicaid as we know it, cancel tax credits that help families afford health insurance, and eliminate subsidies that reduce out-of-pocket costs for working families. Republicans need to listen to the Alabamians they represent and join Democrats in their efforts to improve our health care system.

Here is a look at a few of the ways Alabamians will suffer under the Cassidy-Graham-Heller bill: