Monday, March 19th, 2018

Official list of Democratic Candidates for 2018

Official list of Democratic Candidates for 2018

Congressional Candidates
US House District 1- Robert Kennedy, Jr.
US House District 1- Lizzetta Hill McConnell
US House District 2- Tabitha Isner
US House District 2- Audri Scott Williams
US House District 3- Mallory Hagan
US House District 3- Adia McClellan Winfrey
US House District 4- Lee Auman
US House District 4- Rick Neighbors
US House District 5- Peter Joffrion
US House District 6- Danner Kline
US House District 7- Terri A. Sewell

Statewide Candidates
Governor- Sue Bell Cobb
Governor- Christopher A. Countryman
Governor- James C. Fields, Jr.
Governor- Walt Maddox
Governor- Doug "New Blue" Smith
Governor- Anthony White
Lt. Governor- Will Boyd
Secretary of State- Lula Albert "SGM Ret"
Secretary of State- Heather Milam
Attorney General- Chris Christie
Attorney General- Joseph Siegelman
State Auditor- Miranda Karrine Joseph
Public Service Commission Place1- Cara Y. McClure
Public Service Commission Place 2- Kari Powell
State School Board 2- Adam Jortner
State School Board 4- Yvette M. Richardson
State School Board 8- Jessica Fortune Barker

AL Supreme Court Chief Justice- Bob Vance, Jr.
AL Supreme Court Associate Justice Pl 4- Donna Wesson Smalley
Circuit Judge, 2nd Circuit Pl 1- Terri Bozeman Lovell
Circuit Judge, 4th Circuit Pl 1- Collins Pettaway, Jr.
Circuit Judge, 5th Circuit Pl 2- Mike Segrest
Circuit Judge, 5th Circuit Pl 3- Steve Perryman
Circuit Judge, 10th Circuit Pl 1- Joseph L. Boohaker
Circuit Judge, 10th Circuit Pl 5- David Carpenter
Circuit Judge, 10th Circuit Pl 6- Donald E. "Don" Blankenship
Circuit Judge, 10th Circuit Pl 7- Tracie A. Todd
Circuit Judge, 10th Circuit Pl 8- Marshell Jackson Hatcher
Circuit Judge, 10th Circuit Pl 8- Brian Plant
Circuit Judge, 10th Circuit Pl 9- Jim Hughey III
Circuit Judge, 10th Circuit Pl 13- Carole C. Smitherman
Circuit Judge, 10th Circuit Pl 15- Patricia Ann Stephens
Circuit Judge, 10th Circuit Pl 15- Damon T. Watson
Circuit Judge, 10th Circuit Pl 16- Peter "Pete" Johnson Davis
Circuit Judge, 10th Circuit Pl 16- Linda Hall
Circuit Judge, 10th Circuit Pl 18- Raymond P. Chambliss
Circuit Judge, 10th Circuit Pl 18- Janine Hunt-Hilliard
Circuit Judge, 10th Circuit Pl 27- Amber Ladner
Circuit Judge, 10th Circuit Pl 27- Alaric May
Circuit Judge, 13th Circuit Pl 3- John R. Lockett
Circuit Judge, 13th Circuit Pl 6- Karlos Finley
Circuit Judge, 15th Circuit Pl 6- Roman A. Shaul
Circuit Judge, 16th Circuit Pl 3- David Alan Kimberley
Circuit Judge, 16th Circuit Pl 4- Morgan Cunningham
Circuit Judge, 17th Circuit Pl 1- Eddie Hardaway, Jr.
Circuit Judge, 31st Circuit Pl 1- Jacqueline "Jackie" Miller Hatcher
Circuit Judge, 31st Cicuit Pl 2- Jeff Austin
Circuit Judge, 34th Circuit Pl 1- Terry Dempsey
Circuit Judge, 35th Circuit Pl 1- Jack Booker Weaver
Circuit Judge, 38th Circuit Pl 1- John H. Graham
District Judge, Clarke Co., Pl 1- James H. "J. R." Morgan Jr.
District Judge, Conecuh Co., Pl 1- Jeff T. Brock
District Judge, Franklin Co., Pl 1- Paula Bohannon McDowell
District Judge, Hale Co., Pl 1- Patrick S. Arrington
District Judge, Hale Co., Pl 1- Timothy A. "Tim" Evans
District Judge, Jefferson Co. Pl 3- Frederic Bolling
District Judge, Jefferson Co. Pl 3- Clotele Hardy "C.H." Brantley
District Judge, Jefferson Co. Pl 3- Pamela Wilson Cousins
District Judge, Jefferson Co. Pl 3- Stephanie A. Hunter
District Judge, Jefferson Co. Pl 3- Lashunta "Shun" White-Boler
District Judge, Jefferson Co. Pl 6- Katrina Ross
District Judge, Jefferson Co. Pl 8- Alan Summers
District Judge, Jefferson Co. Pl 9- Kechia Davis
District Judge, Jefferson Co. Pl 9- Glenda Freeman
District Judge, Jefferson Co. Pl 9- Sheila Weil
District Judge, Jefferson Co. Pl 9- Debra Weston-Pickens
District Judge, Jefferson Co. Pl 9- Lou Willie
District Judge, Jefferson Co. Pl 11- Chuantae Brown
District Judge, Jefferson Co. Pl 11- Horace Kynard
District Judge, Jefferson Co. Pl 11- Thomas E. Thrash
District Judge, Jefferson Co. Pl 12- Amyrtle M. Allen
District Judge, Jefferson Co. Pl 12- Lorraine Pringle
District Judge, Lowndes Co., Pl 1- Adrian D. Johnson
District Judge, Lowndes Co., Pl 1- Ashley Smith
District Judge, Marengo Co., Pl 1- Vince Deas
District Judge, Monroe Co., Pl 1- Laura R. Grantham
District Judge, Monroe Co., Pl 1- Donna L. Silcox
District Judge, Monroe Co., Pl 1- Philip Sanchez
District Judge, Montgomery Co. Pl 2- Pamela Robinson Higgins
District Judge, Montgomery Co. Pl 3- Laura Clemons
District Judge, Montgomery Co. Pl 3- Tiffany B. McCord
District Judge, Perry Co., Pl 1- Robert D.  Bryant
District Attorney, 10th Circuit- Danny Carr
District Attorney, 10th Circuit- Raymond L. Johnson, Jr.
Circuit Clerk, Barbour Co.- Paige Smith
Circuit Clerk, Bullock Co.- Rashawn Faniel Harris
Circuit Clerk, Butler Co.- Mattie Gomillion
Circuit Clerk, Choctaw Co.- Stephanie C. Cave
Circuit Clerk, Choctaw Co.- Candace D. Jenkins
Circuit Clerk, Clarke Co.- Berneta Stallworth

Circuit Clerk, Colbert Co.- Deanna Douthit Thomas

Deanna graduated from Sheffield High School and recieved a Bachelor of Science degree in Finance from the University of North Alabama. She worked for the Circut Clerk's office for six years. She learned all nine divisions of court and would be able to step in and assist the current staff. She left due to cutbacks and layoffs. Presently she is a HR/Safety/Benifits Coordinator for the Colbert County Commission. She feels with her unique set of qualifications that she is the best candidate for the position.

P.O. Box 404, Tuscumbia, AL. 35674, (256) 627-5575,

Circuit Clerk, Conecuh Co.- David Jackson
Circuit Clerk, Crenshaw Co.-  Jeannie Gibson
Circuit Clerk, Dallas Co.- Christmas Green-Williams
Circuit Clerk, Dallas Co.- Lynnethia Robinson
Circuit Clerk, DeKalb Co.- Pam Bailey Simpson
Circuit Clerk, Escambia Co.- John Robert Fountain
Circuit Clerk, Fayette Co.- Samantha  Weeks Howard
Circuit Clerk, Franklin Co.- Anita Morgan Scott
Circuit Clerk, Greene Co.- Debra D. Blackmon
Circuit Clerk, Greene Co.- Veronica Morton-Jones
Circuit Clerk, Hale Co.- Catrinna Long Perry
Deputy Clerk Bessemer Division, Jefferson Co.- Karen Dunn Burks
Deputy Clerk Bessemer Division, Jefferson Co.- Lakitia Hall-Wright
Circuit Clerk, Jefferson Co.- Jackie Anderson-Smith
Circuit Clerk, Jefferson Co.- Sarah E. "Sarah Beth" Conkle
Circuit Clerk, Jefferson Co.- Cheri Adams Gardner
Circuit Clerk, Jefferson Co.- Venetta Lee
Circuit Clerk, Jefferson Co.- Stephanie J. Muhammad
Circuit Clerk, Jefferson Co.- Thomas W. Parchman, III
Circuit Clerk, Jefferson Co.- Eyrika L. Parker
Circuit Clerk, Jefferson Co.- Elizabeth McGowen Watkins
Circuit Clerk, Jefferson Co.- Ralph Young
Circuit Clerk, Lowndes Co.- Ruby A. Jones-Thomas
Circuit Clerk, Macon Co.- David R. Love Jr.
Circuit Clerk, Marengo Co.- Kenny Freeman
Circuit Clerk, Monroe Co.- Wesley Hines
Circuit Clerk, Monroe Co.- Bob McMillan
Circuit Clerk, Montgomery Co.- Gina Jobe Ishman
Circuit Clerk, Perry Co.- Quavelyn Pryor Coleman
Circuit Clerk, Perry Co.- Mia Jacobs-Turner
Circuit Clerk, Perry Co.- Jamaal O. Hunter
Circuit Clerk, Perry Co.- Chadrick Moore
Circuit Clerk, Russell Co.- Marcia Cade
Circuit Clerk, Russell Co.- Jody Sellers
Circuit Clerk, Sumter Co.- DeVon  A. James
Circuit Clerk, Tuscaloosa Co.- Angie Achterhof
Circuit Clerk, Washington Co.- Valerie Knapp
Circuit Clerk, Washington Co.- Tera A.Whigham
Circuit Clerk, Wilcox Co.- Carolyn Davis-Posey

State Senate
State Senate 1 Caroline Self
State Senate 2 Michael L Smith
State Senate 2 Amy Wasyluka
State Senate 6 Johnny Mack Morrow
State Senate 7 Deborah Barros
State Senate 7 Johnathan Hard
State Senate 11 Carl Carter
State Senate 12 Jim Williams
State Senate 13 Darrell Turner
State Senate 14 Jerry McDonald
State Senate 16 Lindsey Deckard
State Senate 18 Rodger M. Smitherman
State Senate 19 Priscilla Dunn
State Senate 20 Linda Coleman-Madison
State Senate 21 Rick Burnham
State Senate 23 Malika Sanders-Fortier
State Senate 24 Bobby Singleton
State Senate 25 David A. Sadler
State Senate 26 Fred Bell
State Senate 26 "Coach" David Burkette
State Senate 26 John Knight
State Senate 27 Nancy Carlton Bendinger
State Senate 28 Billy Beasley
State Senate 32 Jason Fisher
State Senate 33 Michael R. Cooley
State Senate 33 Victor Tshombe Crawford
State Senate 33 Vivian Davis Figures
State Senate 35 Tom Holmes

State House
House District 2 Lora Kay Morrow
House District 3 Chad Young
House District 4 Juanita Allen Healy
House District 5 Brian D Williams
House District 7 Kenneth A. Brackins
House District 8 Rebecca Browne
House District 8 Billy Jackson
House District 8 Clay New
House District 9 Terrie Jones Savage
House District 10 J.B. King
House District 10 Clifton Miller

House District 15 Suzanna Coleman

Suzanna is a lawyer and licensed social worker as well as a wife, mother, entrepreneur, and life-long advocate for people from all walks of life. Suzanna was raised to value hard work. Her dad was a mechanic and a decorated WWII veteran; her mom was a food warehouse clerk and member of the local union. Suzanna earned her BA and MSW from the University of Alabama and her JD from Birmingham School of Law while working during the day. After earning her law degree and passing the bar, she opened the SLC Law Group, LLC in McCalla, AL.

Email:, Twitt,er @coleman4alabama, Instagram coleman4alabama

House District 18 Eddie Britton
House District 19 Samuel T. Greene
House District 19 Laura Hall
House District 20 Linda Meigs
House District 21 Terry Jones
House District 27 Bill Jones
House District 28 Ralph Burke
House District 28 Kyle Pierce
House District 29 Jared Millican
House District 30 Jared Vaughn
House District 32 Barbara Bigsby Boyd
House District 32 "Dr." Angela Fears
House District 32 Seyram Selase
House District 33 Scott Brewer
House District 36 Nicki Arnold-Swindle
House District 37 Charlotte A. Clark-Frieson
House District 38 Brian McGee
House District 40 Pamela Jean Howard
House District 41 Emily Anne Marcum
House District 43 Carin Mayo
House District 45 Jenn Gray
House District 46 Felicia Stewart
House District 47 Jim Toomey
House District 48 Alli Summerford
House District 51 Veronica R. Johnson
House District 52 John W. Rogers, Jr.
House District 53 Anthony Daniels
House District 54 Jerome Dees
House District 54 Jacqueline Gray Miller
House District 54 Neil Rafferty
House District 55 Quang Do
House District 55 Roderick "Rod" Hampton Scott
House District 55 Antwon Bernard Womack
House District 56 Louise "Lulu" Alexander
House District 56 Chester W. Porter
House District 57 Merika Coleman
House District 58 Rolanda Hollis
House District 58 Rodney Huntley
House District 59 Chris Davis
House District 59 Mary Moore
House District 60 Juandalynn Givan
House District 60 Le'Darius Hilliard
House District 61 Thomas "Tommy" Hyche
House District 62 Will Benton
House District 64 Amber Selman-Lynn
House District 65 Elaine Beech
House District 65 Marcus Caster
House District 65 Ozelle L. Hubert
House District 66 Susan E. Smith
House District 67 Prince Chestnut
House District 67 Jelani "Shaun" Coleman
House District 68 Thomas E. "Action" Jackson
House District 69 Kelvin Jamichael Lawrence
House District 69 Kelvin Williams
House District 70 Christopher John England
House District 71 Artis "A.J." McCampbell
House District 72 Ralph A. Howard
House District 73 Jack Jacobs
House District 74 Rayford Mack
House District 76 D'Linell Finley
House District 76 Thad McClammy
House District 77 Malcolm Calhoun
House District 77 Dan Harris
House District 77 Tashina Morris
House District 77 Christopher Turner
House District 78 Terance "Watchdog" Dawson
House District 78 Kirk Hatcher
House District 78 Alvin Holmes
House District 79 Mary Wynne Kling
House District 80 Judy L. LaRue
House District 81 Jeremy "J.J." Jeffcoat
House District 82 Johnny Ford
House District 82 Terrence K. Johnson
House District 82 Pebblin Walker Warren
House District 83 Jeremy "Mr. EYG" Gray
House District 83 John Andrew Harris
House District 83 Pat "Patsy" Jones
House District 83 Ronnie Reed
House District 84 Berry Forte
House District 85 Dexter Grimsley
House District 85 "Dr." Earl C. Jones
House District 86 Kristy M. Kirkland
House District 88 Cory Creel
House District 89 Joel Lee Williams
House District 90 Joanne Whetstone
House District 94 Danielle Mashburn-Myrick
House District 96 Maurice Horsey
House District 96 Web Whiting
House District 97 Adline C. Clarke
House District 97 Levi Wright, Jr.
House District 98 Napoleon Bracy, Jr.
House District 99 Gregory L. Harris II
House District 99 Henry Haseeb
House District 99 Sam Jones
House District 99 Burton R. LeFlore
House District 99 Franklin McMillion
House District 99 Gregory K. Parker
House District 99 Herman Thomas
House District 99 Rico B. Washington Sr.
House District 103 Barbara Drummond
House District 104 Arlene Cunningham Easley