Monday, September 7th, 2015

Chair Nancy Worley:  Celebrate Labor Day

Today we celebrate the labor movement in America which has improved our country's economic conditions, fought for higher wages and better working conditions, and opposed child labor, pay discrimination, and many other problems in the workplace and beyond.  Let us pause on this Labor Day to thank those who work today, as well as in the past, to make our country strong, to help those in need, and to create strength through unity to improve our lives.

In ancient Greece and Rome, the first labor unions were formed by the skilled artisans and craftsmen who wanted to protect the quality of their goods and services.  For example, the sculptors grew tired of pseudo-artists filling holes in their sculptures with wax and selling them as first-rate products at full price; therefore, the skilled artists formed a sculptors' guild or union to guarantee their genuine, quality work.  Today, we applaud America's unions for continuing that same principle  -- to produce quality, American-made products.  Buy American; buy Union.

Enjoy your Labor Day, but remember to honor those for whom the day is named.